Long live the combi steamer!


bernabeu-stadiumThe two-year warranty with the latest Rational SelfCooking Centres with CareControl technology gives buyers peace of mind and underlines the quality of the machines. Add in a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contract and Rational says its new combis should give up to ten years active service, and often more.

“CareControl is designed to get the maximum working life out of the SelfCooking Centre,” says Vic Brown of Rational UK. “Engineers will tell you that limescale build-up is the greatest threat to a combi steamer’s mechanics. CareControl eliminates limescale build-up.  Job done.”

What’s more, CareControl saves money since it does away with the need for expensive water filters – so buyers save the cost not only of fitting them but also servicing them, which can cost £700 a year or more for each combi steamer.

The CareControl technology intelligently monitors the SelfCooking Centre, telling staff when to run the cleaning programme. At that point, the operator simply places the new biodegradable tablets (‘Care Tabs’) into the unit’s drawer, puts detergent tablets into the basket in the cooking cabinet, and pushes the button – the Rational then cleans (and cares for) itself.

The Care Tabs have special scale-dissolving ingredients to prevent scale building up in the first place. This guarantees maximum operational reliability at all times, without expensive water softeners or time-consuming descaling.

rational-with-carecontrol-the-long-life-combi-steamerSince the new SelfCooking Centre needs no descaling, it is very easy to service and maintain. Because there’s no limescale build-up, the steam generator is always operating at optimum efficiency, which saves running costs and ensures steam is as fresh as possible, so cooking results are even better than before.

“The combination of longer service life, the biodegradable Care Tabs and the optimum energy-saving performance at all times means that CareControl is a major advance for sustainability, making the new SelfCooking Centre an even greener combi-steamer,” says Vic Brown.

For information and brochures, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCooking Centre® ‘TeamCooking Live’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944 or call +44 800 389 2944. For product information and contact details see www.rational-UK.com

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