Sweepfast Ltd strengthens surface maintenance range


horger-kbr-althetics-track-cleanerThese machines are the Hörger KBR, which is a purpose built athletics track cleaner that cleans with high pressure water whilst simultaneously collecting the dirty waste water, and the Hörger SKR for wet cleaning of non-filled artificial turf surfaces.

The Hörger KBR has proven very successful on running tracks, particularly at football stadiums, as surface waste water is kept to a minimum due to the unique cleaning action of the KBR. This eliminates any risk of surface water run-off or any waste water reaching the playing surface of the football pitch. The additional benefit of this process is that the track surface can dry and be in use more quickly than conventional cleaning techniques.

Loughborough University’s Head Groundsman Mark Freeman is impressed with the Sweepfast range, stating, “For many years there has been very little quality machinery on the market for maintenance of artificial surfaces. I have recently looked at several of Sweepfast’s Hörger machines for artificial 3G long pile carpets, water based surfaces and polymeric tracks and been very impressed with both the quality of the build and the quality of the finished surface. The machine that Sweepfast demonstrated on our water base surface will make a huge difference to the control of algae, the major problem with this sort of surface, and surface contaminants and hopefully extend the life of the carpet. The fact that the very same machine can change heads for cleaning athletics tracks is an added bonus.  Considering that we have only just re-textured our track, the amount of dirt it lifted from the surface was eye opening.”

With the addition of the two new machines, Sweepfast Ltd now has a full range of machinery specific to the different needs of the surfaces encountered, from water based hockey pitches through to third generation rubber crumb pitches.

Sweepfast Ltd is also offering a cost effective testing service for goal posts on artificial sports surfaces. The new service is a response to the effects of unsafe goal posts, which were highlighted in a presentation given by Harrod UK’s Les Saunders during a one day conference hosted by McNab Sport in Kinross, Scotland.

horger-skr-at-loughborough-universityThe Sweepfast goal post testing service conducts stability and crossbar strength tests that conform to BS EN 748 and BS 8462, and is aimed at all goal types on artificial surfaces where the anchorage of traditional test equipment is not possible due to the damage they would cause to the playing surface.

For more information about the Sweepfast goal post testing service, or their other services, contact Sweepfast by telephone on 01675 470770, or via e-mail info@sweepfast.com www.sweepfast.com

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