Fleet continues its investment


rugby-school-crest-and-beamrider-lines-002The further development of products to meet today’s difficult market conditions, offering the customer value for money, excellent customer service and the very latest in line marking technology is the company’s ethos.

Developments such as Synthetic Turf Coating, Blinder, Permanent Marking Fluid and Reddispray Plus give excellent, affordable solutions.

Synthetic Turf Coating (STC) has proven to be a great success, useable on sand filled, sand dressed, rubber crumb and water based synthetic surfaces. STC means it is no longer necessary to use a 2 pack paint system every 12 months, or aerosols which on average last only a few weeks. A maximum of 2 litres of STC (costing about £20) is used to mark a tennis court. If applied in the right conditions and through a Kombi or BeamRider, STC will last in excess of 6 months. Some customers are claiming in excess of 12 months.

Another advantage of STC is that it may help extend the lifetime of the synthetic surface if all lines are marked rather than “cut in”. By doing this, there are fewer joins in the surface therefore reducing the risk of the surface shifting. More and more synthetic surface manufacturers seem keen to move away from “cut in” or “glued in” lines. A painted line not only looks more natural, but allows for a greater flexibility, the playing area can be marked for any sport easily.

Blinder is another product that is extremely cost effective. With customers reporting dilutions as high as 20:1 this must be THE most economical way to overmark.

2008 saw the introduction of another paint – Reddispray Plus. Consistent quality and reliability makes this an affordable alternative to concentrated paints. When applied through the Kombi or the BeamRider as little as 4 litres per pitch marking is realistically achievable.

The BeamRider SX was launched in January 2007. The BeamRider was another Fleet 1st, the only laser guided, automated line marking system in the World. The CT version was added to the BeamRider family in 2008 and 2009 sees the RX model capable of marking a perfectly straight line at speeds in excess of 18 miles per hour.

For 2009 affordable, effortless, environmentally friendly ride on line marking is here! It takes the form of yet another innovation from Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd. –  the all new e-ROK.

llborouniThe e-ROK is an intermediate ride on machine and is very well suited to budgets that cannot stretch to the bigger utility vehicles. CE approved, the e-ROK is a 4 wheeled 2 wheel drive vehicle with a Kombi that is easily mounted and demounted from the vehicle, providing two machines in one. Obstructions such as goal posts are no longer a problem as side or centre marking can be carried out by pulling a handle.

The e-ROK is fitted with “Intelligent Batteries” and a “Software Interface”. The batteries have a range of 40 miles on 1 charge. Fitted with a Kombi spray marker and space to carry a further 25 litres of paint, up to 16 pitches can be marked before having to refill with paint. With CE approval, 4 wheels , front marking or side marking to get around obstacles such as goal posts and a unique pivot to dismount the Kombi the e-ROK has everything to make line marking easier than ever. The SX model is now available on Fleet’s e-ROK. Fleet are offering a special package price of £5995 plus VAT until 31st January 2010.

In 2009, as well as investment in product development, Fleet have invested heavily in people and equipment. October 08 saw the arrival of a new lorry and 40 foot trailer unit. This brings the delivery fleet up to 4 units all equipped with ride on fork lifts so the customer does not need to be involved with off loading deliveries. By being in control of our transport, we can offer an excellent delivery system with our own drivers. An additional lorry tractor unit was delivered in April 2009.

Continuing growth of the Company has meant more staff and the need to expand the offices. Along with this investment , Fleet has employed a dedicated salesman to cover Scotland along with a new distribution warehouse close to Edinburgh. This will lead to further staff being based in Scotland.

With manufacturing bases in New Zealand and the United States along with the UK, Fleet purchases raw materials globally. Always looking for the best deal but with no compromise to the quality, all of our suppliers worldwide are instructed not to give gifts to the Company. This is part of Fleet’s quality regime of honesty and proper trading practices.

In September 2008, the installation of the latest Microsoft computer system was started. The system went live in January 2009 after extensive staff training. The system will help to give an even better service to the customer whilst also helping in all areas of the Company from purchasing to production through to despatch. The new system will, in the future, be integrated with Fleet New Zealand and Fleet US.

A further investment was recently made in the purchase of a Wessex Anti Skid measuring device. This will help with future coatings developments and will also be a service that can be offered to customers who may have a problem surface they need measuring for slip resistance.

Fleet’s CEO, Iain McGuffie, is also an organic farmer, emphasising how important an issue the environment is for him as a farmer and also for Fleet as a manufacturer. The Company keeps up to date with all environmental requirements and also works very closely with the local water authority to ensure the products surpass all current regulations.

For further information regarding any of our products please call 01684 573535 or email sales@fleetlinemarkers.com or visit www.fleetlinemarkers.com and www.beamrider.org.uk.

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