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zaun-super-rebound-fencingIt is a rare day when weighing up options that one of the options seems to have everything in the ‘pro’ column and nothing in the ‘con’ column. As any specifier or buyer will attest, there is often a trade off that involves one or more elements such as installation time, disruption to site, aesthetic value, product quality and, of course, cost. Not so the MACT anti-climb system.

When asked to develop a security solution for a medium secure facility in Birmingham, Zaun took an existing technology, but took a forwards step in terms of the material used.

The brief was to produce a system, which would prevent individuals from gaining access to rooftops and other areas outside of the permitted domain. While the location in question is not a sporting one, the security issues faced are the same as those faced at sports grounds and stadia around the country. Sights of over zealous supporters having climbed up lighting columns or on to rooftops are not as common as they used to be, but it still occurs. This poses both a safety risk and a security risk.

There are a number of existing solutions available, but each is flawed. Fencing is excellent for preventing access to a given area, but when trying to prevent access to would be climbable objects, having a fence in close proximity can sometimes assist the climber. There are flexible topped products, that are designed to hamper anyone scaling the top of a fence as it is not rigid enough to support a body, but this product must be installed 2.6m from floor level and can make an area look a like a prison. To date one of the best systems has been a barrel section, which is installed around the eaves of a building or similar object. This barrel section has a wide diameter of 500mm, which is too wide to get an arm over. However, the barrel sections have their own problems. As they are solid, if anybody does gain access to the roof top area, the barrels offer an object to hide behind.

The Zaun MACT system uses the barrel concept, but instead of sheet metal, the tube section is made of anti climb mesh. This means that the system is less obtrusive and does not dominate its surroundings, but also as it can be seen through, there is no hiding place above it.

zaun-hi-sec-security-fencingThis solution can be used in a number of environments. It can be fitted to the exterior of buildings to prevent people gaining access to the grounds, and will not harm the would-be intruder. Barbed wire and roll-top spikes can cause serious injury to anyone attempting entry via that route, and as much we might think we don’t care about the welfare of thieves and vandals, if they injure themselves on site, albeit whilst attempting to gain illegal access, the financial implications for a club can be far reaching.

The MACT system is also the cheapest of the anti-climb alternatives, and as it is lightweight means that it can usually be fitted to existing buildings or structures. A further benefit of fitting to existing structures is that the system does not involve any ground works, which can interfere with underground utilities.

This innovative new system can be fitted with a vibration alarm wire that runs through the tube. This is suitable for higher security areas, and can raise the alarm even if someone attempts to gain access over the MACT system. The anti-climb system can be used in conjunction with standard site security provisions, such as CCTV.

The MACT system design had valuable input from experienced Trust practitioners, and the resulting product was in part responsible for Zaun Ltd in conjunction with Cogent (fm) Solutions winning the £500,000 contract.

Zaun Limited has also been awarded the fencing contract for a large sporting event. This contract also involved the development of a new product, this time a high security fence. As the event will attract large numbers of people, there were many security concerns that led planners to believe that there was no existing product on the market that was suitable. The fencing uses a close 12.7×76.2mm anti-climb mesh and uses single panels up to height of 5m. This product has evolved from the standard Hi-Sec anti climb mesh manufactured by Zaun, which has already been used in sporting facilities across the country. The system will also use 7m lighting columns to provide additional security.

As well as their increasing presence in the security market, Zaun are also manufacturing some of the most advanced sports fencing systems. While to the layman, a fence round a hockey pitch might look the same as a fence around a football pitch, Zaun have taken the time to identify the requirements of different sports and manufacture a system that is as good as can be. The Zaun Super Rebound system is ideal for football and five-a-side pitches. The close 66x50mm mesh pattern to the lower 1.2m means that the ball has the correct rebound angle, but it is superior to kickboards in a number of ways. The mesh allows for a better view of the game, and does not offer any surface for graffiti.

The mesh panels will also have a longer lifespan and will not delaminate or splinter like wooden kickboards that can need replacing.

Zaun’s newly developed Hockey Fencing also uses a closer mesh pattern to improve the system. A tight mesh pattern to the lower 210mm of the fence means that wooden boards are not necessary. This means Zaun’s solution is not only cheaper to purchase, but, as there is no replacement of wooden boards required over time, a significant maintenance cost is eliminated. The Zaun Hockey system is also significantly quieter than wooden boards during ball impact, which means that there is less disturbance to neighbours or in the case of schools, other pupils. All of Zaun’s sports systems also use EPDM rubber inserts to insulate the panels from the posts. This further reduces any rattle that is often associated with sports fencing systems.

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