Versatile material for superior interior surfaces


blue-barOne versatile material that is widely used for domestic kitchen and bathroom applications is Granite Transformations’ agglomerate surfacing; yet it is also specified for diverse commercial installations around the globe, from hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, to corporate buildings, airports, leisure centres and retail outlets. Now, the manufacturer’s Kent-based UK head office is keen to extend its architectural use over here.

Although similar in composition to quartz surfacing or engineered stone, Granite Transformations’ material has a distinctive manufacturing process, making it much lighter and slimmer without sacrificing strength, and it offers a number of unique benefits to architects, specifiers, interior designers, developers and builders. Composed of around 95% natural material blended with a high performance polymer resin, it is offered in a choice of granite, quartz, recycled glass and mosaic materials, each with its own distinctive aesthetics. Not only that, the material will fit directly on top of existing surfaces, which eliminates costly ripping out and is perfect for refits and refurbishment; moreover, many installations can be carried out by factory-trained fitters in a single day, minimising downtime and enabling overnight fit-outs.

Equally, the agglomerate material’s light weight, slim profile, inherent flexibility, technical performance and a palette of more than 60 colours and patterns, make it a strong choice for new-build projects, for both horizontal and vertical applications. With or without a bonded substrate, it can be used for worktops, bar counters, vanity units, reception desks, peninsular ends and retail fittings, with the option of curved, fluid and flowing shapes and minimalist, chunky or waterfall edges. As a vertical cladding, it is perfect for showers and bathrooms, washroom partitions, counter facings, splashbacks, mosaic panelling, elevator refurbishment, even external façades. Whilst as a flooring material, thanks to DIN-rated slip resistance, it can be used as floor tiles, strips or large slabs up to 3m long, giving a range of aesthetic options.

gymASTM tested and UNI ES IS0 certificated for heat, impact, scratch and stain resistance, Granite Transformations’ surfaces are tough enough to withstand the consistent wear and tear associated with commercial buildings, retail outlets, the hospitality industry and public housing, while Greenguard-approved low VOC emissions ensure their suitability for schools. Non-porous, naturally resistant to fungal growth and virtually maintenance-free, the material also satisfies the hygiene demands of the foodservice industry, health and fitness clubs, and healthcare clinics, especially as there is no need for sealants, waxes or chemical treatments. Its light weight and flexibility could also be important considerations when fitting out lifts, cruise liners, luxury yachts and recreational vehicles.

Aesthetically, Granite Transformations covers a whole spectrum from the deep blacks of natural granite, through bright red, orange, blue and green shades, to autumnal or muted tones and polar white, inspiring a range of interior design possibilities. Environmentally, the granite, quartz and mosaic fragments are mainly reclaimed products from other mining and manufacturing operations, the glass content is increasingly post-consumer recycled and the Granite Transformations’ production process generally uses 50% less raw material than other engineered surfaces. The capacity to fit over existing surfaces reduces on-site debris and the amount of waste sent to landfill sites, at the same time eliminating the need for extra reinforcing materials, such as wooden frames and underlays.

Compared with other interior surfacing materials in common use, Granite Transformations’ agglomerate offers a number of convincing technical benefits. It is stronger than slab granite and natural stone, nor is it inconsistent in composition: it is not susceptible to fingermarks or scratching like stainless steel; it is more heat resistant than solid synthetic surfaces, laminates and hardwood, withstanding exposure to boiling water and temperatures to 300ºF; unlike granite, marble, ceramics or wood, it requires minimal maintenance and no application of sealants that affect indoor air quality. Prices are comparable with mid-range slab granite and engineered stone, fully fitted, and commercial contracts are covered by a 10-year transferrable, material warranty.

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