Wet weather football kit for autumn


ss_fs_redwithshinDuring interviews, wet weather and feet were cited as the number one cause for poor performance and players’ biggest irritation:

• 31 per cent felt wet feet were their biggest problem when playing sport

• 25 per cent believed wet feet prevented them from performing well

• 33 per cent thought they would have performed better if feet had been warm, dry and comfortable

• Very wet weather conditions (31 per cent), getting wet (28 per cent) and very wet pitch conditions (16 per cent) were     highlighted as players’ biggest irritations

• 45 per cent considered socks which kept feet warm and dry were their dream sports kit invention

Catering for ever wetter autumns, SealSkinz – has a range of revolutionary foot, hand and headwear for the footballer.

Made with SealSkinz patented technology, the range is designed to offer footballers the ultimate in waterproof, breathable, windproof and close-fitting protection for feet. Worn next to the skin, they work via a unique seamless three-layer construction – an outer, a waterproof highly breathable membrane, plus an inner lining. They will keep feet, hands and heads warm, dry and comfortable at all times – to help people players on their game and improve their performance.

SealSkinz Sport’s Beanie Hat, gloves and football socks are suitable for all ages and standards – from children playing in the park to professionals, managers, coaches, physiotherapists, referees and linesmen. They can be used by players for both match play and training.

Andrew Dahl, Managing Director at SealSkinz Sport said: “Feet are the tools of a footballer’s trade but normal football socks are notoriously low tech, uncomfortable and offer no protection against wet and cold conditions.

“Our revolutionary new SealSkinz Sport Football Socks, Gloves and Hats will mean no more wet and cold feet, hands and heads this winter. We know that their ground-breaking design and technology will make a huge difference to the enjoyment of those who play football this season. They are a fan’s new best friend.”

SealSkinz Sport Product trials

During product trials of SealSkinz Sport products:

• 100 per cent of users found SealSkinz Sport socks kept their feet dry

• 100 per cent thought that they kept their shape

• 99 per cent found that they avoided blisters

• 95 per cent considered they were comfortable

• 94 per cent stated that they kept their feet warm

• 97 per cent felt that they had good shin pad fit

SealSkinz Sport Football Socks

Worn next to the skin with a shin pad, SealSkinz SPORT Socks are available in UK shoe sizes 3-11 in small, medium and large. They come in black, white, red, royal blue, navy blue and referee’s sock colourways. The recommended retail price is £20 (inc. VAT).

SealSkinz Sport Beanie Hat

To keep heat locked in and ears warm, the SealSkinz SPORT Beanie Hat has a microfiber lining for extra warmth.  Manufactured in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large sizes and available in Black, they retail for £20.00.

SealSkinz Sport Football Gloves

sport-glv_blk-hrSealSkinz SPORT Football Gloves have a close fitting, dexterous Merino wool lining for extra warmth and comfort. They have grip dots on their palms and fingers to help throw-ins. Available in Black, they come in five sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium Large and Extra Large. The gloves retail for £25.00.


SealSkinz is an independent company specialising in fully waterproof, windproof and breathable hand, foot and head accessories. The majority of SealSkinz products use a seamless patented three layer construction technology to offer the ultimate in waterproof, windproof, breathable and close-fitting protection.

The company currently manufactures and sells a range of socks, gloves and hats for specialist and enthusiast Sports, Outdoor, Cycle, Marine, Country and Equestrian markets. SealSkinz patented sock and glove technology is also used in a range of industrial, institutional and military applications.

With a factory based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, the company is proud to manufacture seventy per cent all of its product range by hand in the UK. SealSkinz also has distributors in 20 other countries, primarily in Europe.

For further information please contact SealSkinz Sport on 01553 817 991 or e-mail info@sealskinz.com.

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