Exchange waste heat for profit to stay ahead of the field


k-tronic-pictureThe addition of the WP4 heat pump to Meiko’s K-Tronic series rack transport dishwashers offers operators huge potential savings: it recycles heat efficiently, it dispenses with the need for heating elements in the wash tanks, and it reduces the heating load of the final rinse booster heater to just 6.0kW.

When used in conjunction with a waste air heat recovery condenser continuously extracting hot air and steam from the dishwasher and the air around it, incoming cold water can be preheated to around 70°C. The heat pump then transfers this water to the rinse water heater where the temperature is raised to 85°C for the final rinse process. The introduction of a WP4 heat pump to a standard K200VP warewasher with a heat recovery condenser and a heated drying section, which would normally have a connected load of 38.5kw, effectively reduces this to around 24.0kw.

Specification of the heat pump can totally eliminate the need for direct waste air extraction as well as making a significant contribution to creating a better working environment as it removes excess steam and heat from the atmosphere. On top of these benefits, it will make a speedy return on investment due to significant energy use reduction and resultant reduced running costs.

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