JTM Service tackles Leeds United’s whites


john-middleton-with-leeds-united-playersManagement wanted to ensure that the players’ kit matched the results on the pitch.  It was not acceptable for first team players to take to the pitch in grubby off-white shirts and shorts – sparkling white was the only option.

As considerable problems were being experienced in obtaining the results a leading football club demanded, Leeds United FC turned to local company JTM Service and its market leading bespoke cleaning solutions to undertake the mammoth task of ensuring the kit stayed white and grass stains were banished to the relegation zone.

Laundry assistant for Leeds United FC Claire Sheard has been washing the kit for stars such as Gary McAllister, Alan Smith, and Nigel Martyn since the partnership with JTM Service began.

Claire says: “It is vitally important that the players’ kit is clean, fresh and readily available.  Since we started working with JTM Service 13 years ago we have never encountered any problems. I know everyone at the company by name and cannot fault the personal service we receive. I get no complaints from the players, which makes my life easier. ”

Today, Claire is still washing the players kits, but the club’s requirements have changed.  Initially supplying commercial laundry machines to Leeds United FC, JTM Service thoroughly assessed the commercial laundry requirements of the Club and provided expert provision of programme solutions, machinery and training for the back-room staff.

Being able to provide the machines, chemicals and chemical dosage equipment meant JTM Service were able to provide Leeds United FC with the answer to all their laundry problems in one package.

As an independent company, using only the finest laundry equipment, JTM Service proved that they were top of the league by installing four Miele washing machines and three Miele tumble dryers at the Club’s new training complex at Thorp Arch, just outside Leeds.

Being based minutes from the Club means JTM Service are on hand 24/7 to offer the vital support and after sales advice that a top football club demands.

elland-roadBy listening closely to Leeds United’s requirements JTM Service understood that by ensuring the players’ strip is clean every time this would influence the players’ attitude on the pitch. Installing and maintaining an efficient system to manage the laundry requirements meant the bright whites stayed white and colours did not run, and reduced laundry spend per wash by controlling the amount of chemicals used.

The Miele machines easily handle the daily average of 30 loads during the frantic football season (that’s over 500 washes a month!). JTM Service has stayed on the ball by continually upgrading their equipment, recently installing the latest technology in the Auto-ject laundry detergent automatic injection system.

Benefits of the Auto-ject system, which connects to each of the washing machines, include automatic injection of detergent so skin does not have to come into repeated contact with chemicals, and the correct chemicals are injected in the correct amount at the correct time in the cycle. It is this solution that ensured consistent results of cleanliness and also ensured that the club’s laundry budget was consistent, as there were no fluctuations in the usage of detergents.

JTM Service’s after-sales service consists of fortnightly visits to the Club where they re-evaluate the Club’s needs, making sure that the machines and equipment are in top form. Regular machine services means that Leeds United has not had to replace the original machines – another key factor in selecting JTM Service.

Adds John Middleton, director of JTM Service: “I am delighted that we continue to have a strong working relationship with Leeds United Football Club.  Given the commitment and quality JTM Service has demonstrated to the laundry facilities we have been awarded the dishwashing equipment contract at both Elland Road and the Training Academy at Thorp Arch. This amounts to some 10 dishwashers and we will be installing the efficient Auto-ject system here too.”

To find out more about JTM Service Ltd. telephone 0113 257 2221 or email sales@jtmservice.com

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