Bring big-screen excitement to your stadium with ADI’s LED solutions


adis-digiboards-at-west-ham-fcADI are the undisputed leaders in stadium LED technology in the UK. Having installed the UK’s first stadium LED screens at Villa Park in 1997, ADI have gone on to dominate the market and are responsible for over 50% of stadium screens in English and Scottish football clubs.

This dominance is reflected throughout the football leagues and ADI have been instrumental in establishing LED technology outside of the Premier League. Alongside top tier clubs such as Aston Villa, Glasgow Rangers and Everton, recent installations include QPR, Colchester, Preston North End and Wycombe Wanderers. ADI’s fully-featured service, commercial awareness and range of payment options have ensured that LED technology has become affordable for more clubs than ever.

As the only UK manufacturer, installer, content provider and operator, ADI can operate as full media partner to clubs. The sale is just the beginning of the relationship and ADI strive to work closely with partner clubs to ensure they get the very best from their screen throughout its lifetime.

Commercial Application

Since 1997, LED technology has developed from a matchday luxury for fans to encompass a much wider use within many clubs’ communication strategy.

As well as providing an enhanced matchday experience for fans, LED screens fit into a broader contextual environment than solely entertainment. As promotional “reach” has been revolutionised by technologies such as mobile phones and broadband internet, so LED screens have become more valuable as an integral tool in a wider communication strategy. LED screens provide an important matchday touchpoint, allowing both club and their partners to communicate effectively with fans, reinforcing emotional and commercial messages.

adi-virtuality-screen-and-digiboard-scoreboard-at-qprADI’s product range reflects this, and alongside their market leading Virtuality LED screens, ADI offer their digiBOARD LED perimeter advertising system and also the digiSCORE LED scoreboard solution. All three are available as stand-alone products, but maximum value comes by combining them to create a centralised communication platform. There are obvious synergies here for clubs’ media partners, allowing them to maximise promotional reach by taking advertising space across multiple integrated platforms.

ADI can add further value via the Football Network, which offers advertising opportunities on almost every football stadium LED screen across the UK. This benefits advertisers and clubs alike: advertisers are able to book campaigns across multiple stadia through a single point of contact, whilst participating clubs reap the benefits through increased advertising revenues.

Virtuality LED Screens

The market leader in UK stadium LED screens, Virtuality account for more installations than any other brand since its launch in 2006. New for 2009, ADI have launched their v13 model, allowing for the same great Virtuality picture quality, but at an even more competitive price.


digiBOARD is a revolutionary new concept in Stadium Advertising, combining the flexibility and impact of LED screen technology with the high visibility of perimeter advertising. Using the latest in LED technology, digiBOARDS bring stadium perimeter advertising to life, with high-impact, unmissable moving images around the stadium.

With today’s stadia carrying evermore advertising opportunities, digiBOARDS give advertisers genuine stand-out opportunity in a cluttered environment.

digiBOARD is run by a custom-designed software and hardware solution with a number of unique features above its market competitors, such as smooth transitions between clips, playout logging, advanced playlist management, RSS and database updating and also real-time 3D graphics generation.


The next generation of stadium scoreboard, digiSCORE couples full colour, high impact LED technology with a custom-built, simple-to-use interface, giving ultimate control over scoreboards content. Alongside standard features such as clock, scores and club crests, digiSCORE can handle full video and Flash content, giving the ability to bring match events such as substitutions to life and allowing for full board promotional content for advertisers.

digiSCORE is powered by ADI’s flexible custom built software solution, which combines high power and flexibility with a simple user interface.

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