Two pass-through dish washers bursting with convenient features


dv80-2-with-airbox-aktivairThe DV80 is designed for crockery and glassware, whilst the larger DV120, supplied with electronic control wash programmes, efficiently handles dishes as well as pans, oven containers and so on.

The DV80.2, part of Meiko’s premium class range, is offered with a new Automatic Hood option activated easily by staff at the press of a button, which allows for opening and closing of the hood and operation of the wash programme sequence.

The DV120.2 has three different programme cycles and three different pump motor outputs, thereby combining in one machine three different models, which means operators can select the most appropriate power setting for the job in hand. The choice of three different power levels gives optimum control of wash according to ware type and amount of soiling. There is a gentle wash for delicate crockery such as tea and coffee cups; a more robust wash for dining plates; and a power wash facility for pots, pans and utensils. There is a direct correlation between motor capacity and the programme chosen that results in a reduction of energy consumed.

An electronically controlled ‘soft start’ of the wash pump avoids any abrupt vibration of the machine on start up, preventing damage to contents and to the machine itself.

meiko-logoAn optional extra on both machines is Meiko’s groundbreaking AirBox AktivAir which contributes significantly to reducing condensation in kitchens and improving the working environment as it absorbs steam into the hood which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere when the hood is opened.

AktivAir fits on top of the machines above the hood when fully open.  Steam extraction is started by the dishwashing programme, and steam which leaves the hood through the central opening at the rear is collected and guided into the AktivAir condensation hood. The double wall of the air duct increases the temperature differential producing optimum condensation and cooling of the system. AirBox AktivAir is easily retro-fitted and, there are no filters to be changed making the unit maintenance-free.

For more information on Meiko’s pass-through hood machines along with details of the AirBox Aktivair please contact the company on 01753 215120, alternatively visit

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