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rubb1Designed and working closely with Oakworth Limited (Builders/Civil Engineers), the 42m span x 39.5 m long BVC Sports Hall was built and is another Sport’s Centre that Rubb Buildings continue to win an enviable reputation for versatility and high quality building products for their customers.

This particular building proved challenging because of the “overhanging eaves and verge features that had been specified by the architects. The eaves of the structure overhang the building sidewalls by 1.5m, and the gable verges of the structure are a reducing curve; projecting 2.8m at the stucture apex, reducing down and mating with the eaves projections at the sidewall.

Rubb Building Ltd also supplied the structure complete with sinusoidal horizontal steel cladding to a height of 3m, this provided extra security to the sports hall. Rubb were also responsible for the design and installation of the ventilation system, the main entrance doors, internal rebound walls, and the foam protection to the vertical structural steel members.

Working closely with Oakworth Limited, the gable sheets actually have 40mm wide dark grey ‘pinstripes’ running vertically through the white sections, the grey and blue sections have been designed to create additional features to this extremely attractive and designed building.

rubb2Offering a full turnkey service covering all aspects of build, Rubb can design and also construct customised building solutions offering a complete and renowned package. Founded in 1968, the Rubb Group has production facilities in Great Britain, Norway and the United States. During this time it has continuously built a strong reputation as a world leader in the manufacture of permanent and relocatable buildings.

Customised building solutions from the Rubb Group have been proven in many different markets throughout the world and are certified ISO 9001:2000

The finished building is a testament to the design and manufacturing team at Rubb Building Ltd that produced such an impressive looking sports hall.

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