Big Al’s scores with leeds united


Jonathan Slape, Ground Catering Manager attributes this to the quality and convenience of the product: “Big Al’s products are very easily prepared enabling our team of kitchen staff to deliver consistently great-tasting products quickly, which is obviously critical on a match day.”

Leeds United sells Big Al’s 6oz Big Eat Beef Burgers for £3.50 or £3.80 with cheese and promotes the products throughout the stadium with Big Al’s POS.

The Big Al’s range is ideal for occasions when quick, bulk food sales are needed. They require minimal equipment to prepare and they deliver a genuine flame cooked taste.

Jonathan concludes: “Big Al’s suit our needs perfectly and are the best quality beefburger we have used within the stadium concourse environment. I’d recommend them to any catering manager looking for a new burger product.”

Big Al’s

Tel: 01772 688 300

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