Make sure your ground is frost protected this winter


With a variety of products available ranging from the single lay flat covers that offers a -3 to -4 protection (depending on wind chill factor) to more sophisticated options. All our products are manufactured in the UK at our Warrington factory and are tailored to suit individual requirements, using a variety of materials.

Our new products offer the option to introduce heat into the ground, which will enable you to prevent severe frost from entering or to help thaw the ground if frost has already entered. These systems are easy to handle and will make sure the most important matches are kept on, therefore saving important gate, ground and TV revenue streams.

All grounds suffer from frost and with the every demanding schedule of games along with the totally unpredictable climate, the protection from frost and rain is vital for grounds without under soil heating. Some grounds with under soil heating are even looking to cover up, to help keep the heat closer to the ground. This in turn helps to reduce the energy (and money) lost to thin air and means a reduction in your energy bills while keeping the pitch free from frost.

Stuart Canvas also produce Segregation netting and players tunnels. The segregation netting can be produced in various colours and is widely used on seating areas to stop opposing teams from being too close. Our Players tunnels can be designed to suit your needs and space and can be branded with team colours or sponsorship.

For more information on the products and systems we have to offer then please call our sales office on 01925 814 525 or visit our website

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