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107One company that has benefited is Zaun Limited, Fencing System Manufacturers and Installers, in Wolverhampton.

Two tier one contractors issued a joint tender to design, manufacture, supply and install a new high security fence and gates, around the 17 kilometer perimeter of the Olympic Park site in Stratford, east London. This fence will be 5 meters high, with 7 meter high lighting / CCTV columns every 25 meters. The tender was posted on the CompeteFor system in summer 2008.

Zaun was founded in 1996 and its tailor-made fencing systems are manufactured in the UK for individual sites.

Zaun bid for the Olympic Park fencing contract, and was awarded it in August 2008, from a short-list of four. Planning and preparation has taken place since then, and Zaun started on site in January this year. It is expected to have the fence fully in place by end of 2009.

“During the current economic downturn, winning this contract has been even more important and this success will be shared by our suppliers and our employees, whose jobs are now secured” says Paul Painter Director of Sales and Finance at Zaun.

“Already we have seen a number of other projects come our way as a result of winning this contract. The project is helping Zaun expand, both increasing it’s production space and supporting investment in new plant and equipment.”

Zaun has even been used as an example of the Midland’s involvement in 2012. On 18 May John Armitt, Chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), visited the region to encourage businesses to seize the opportunities presented by the games, and visited the Zaun manufacturing site to see how they were producing such large quantities of materials for the perimeter of the Olympic site.

Mr Armitt, told delegates attending a business breakfast briefing about the help available for small and medium-sized businesses in the region in bidding for contracts. London 2012 will require the procurement of an enormous range of goods, works and services, generating substantial opportunities for guaranteed contracts for regional businesses – invaluable against the backdrop of the recession.

multi-fence-mobile-security-fencingNearly 40 companies in the region have already won contracts, with thousands of London 2012 supply chain contracts still up for grabs.

Mr Armitt said: “We want to help West Midlands businesses take advantage of the opportunities available.” Following the breakfast briefing, Mr Armitt was given a short presentation at the Zaun premises and a tour of the manufacturing facilities.

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