Diffused daylighting at the FA’s National Football Centre


It is designed to be the place to inspire world class performance and become the international University of Football and also a hub where sport and business can interact.

Architects RedBox Design Group have designed this dramatic multi-purpose facility, on its 134 hectare site, to focus on coaching and education, including sports science and sports medicine facilities. The main contractor was Bowmer & Kirkland.

Of particular interest is the full size indoor football pitch and the separate sports hall both of which are side lit with Kalwall, supplied by Stoakes Systems. The cladding not only evenly diffuses natural daylight but creates perfect playing conditions by eliminating glare and shadows.

Importantly, the architects have maximised the highest levels of daylight insulation and energy efficiency by incorporating Lumira aerogel within 950sqm of the 2780sqm of Kalwall used on the site. This produces a remarkable insulating ‘U’ value of 0.28W/m2K, equivalent to a solid wall.

What is Kalwall + Lumira?

Sometimes called “frozen smoke”, aerogel is the lightest and best insulating solid in the world.

Lumira aerogel is a hydrophobic aerogel produced as particles. (see image). Each particle consists largely of air, up to 95%, contained in a structure with pore sizes less than the mean free path of air molecules, which severely inhibits heat transfer through the material (www.cabotaerogel.com refers). Used within translucent systems, it dramatically increases the thermal insulation.

Kalwall is the most highly insulating diffuse light transmitting cladding and sky lighting system available. It is designed to transmit “museum-quality” light, flooding an interior with natural diffused daylight without glare or the harsh contrasts of light and shade. Running costs are reduced because of the superior insulation which reduces a building energy running costs including less reliance on artificial lighting.

Apart from being specified for all types of new build, Kalwall is increasingly used for the refurbishment of aged buildings and failed curtain-walling or skylighting, including sports halls and swimming pools.

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