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picture-1-absoluteIn business for over 90 years and yet always at the forefront of technology, Owen Brown has provided temporary space at some of the world’s largest sporting and hospitality events including Royal Ascot, rugby at Twickenham and The European Tour.

It is the sheer range of high quality structures which Owen Brown can provide, backed by exemplary customer service that forms the key to the company’s success in the sporting hospitality sector.

What makes an ideal temporary hospitality venue is a balance between providing practical benefits such as flexible internal layouts, ease and speed of construction etc, and creating a venue with real visual impact. In March, Owen Brown launched the exciting new Absolute range, which gets this balance just right.

The Absolute offers a choice of three roof profiles, giving hospitality providers the chance to specify the exterior design of their pavilion. In addition, clients have the opportunity to personalise their structure with a range of branding options, creating a truly bespoke venue. On a practical level, improved wall, roof and gutter systems make for unrivalled weather proofing and excellent acoustics to the interior.

Since its official launch, the Absolute range has been successfully employed at a variety of sporting events. At the Spanish Open, three 10m X 10m Absolute structures, each featuring the apex roof, were used on the Catalunya course, whilst a range of smaller versions provided information points and work stations for the world’s TV and media. Elsewhere, the Absolute has been used for a completely different application, providing exhibition space at the prestigious Grove Hotel, and demonstrating the flexibility of this innovative new structure.

picture-2-eclipseWhere larger single and multi-level venues are required, Owen Brown’s Premier range provides the perfect combination of versatility and high quality spec. The double and triple-decker Premier pavilions offer great views of the action and save on ground space at the same time. At Royal Ascot this year, two triple storey Premiers were joined together to provide over 4000 sqm of hospitality space. Similarly at Twickenham, a number of double-decker Premier structures provided an attractive temporary hospitality village.

The Premier also offers a huge choice of interior finishes, allowing clients to personalise their space. Optional balconies and glazed walling can also add important elements to the finished venue.

For unrivalled pitch side viewing whatever the weather, Owen Brown’s distinctive ‘Eclipse’ range comes complete with an integral covered viewing balcony. Add to this the stunning curve of the roof and the option to brand the exterior with logos or an advertising message, and it is easy to see why the Eclipse is often the structure of choice at many sporting events. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a 24m x 85m Eclipse formed a striking hospitality pavilion accommodating 700 guests per day, whilst at Twickenham a series of structures was used to create the Kneller Hall hospitality village for the Six Nations tournament earlier this year.

Whilst without doubt being an important application, the use of temporary structures at sporting events is not restricted solely to hospitality. There is also a huge demand for temporary infrastructure such as information points, first aid centres, retail outlets etc. The pagoda style Ultimate range is the latest product to come out of the Owen Brown stable. Available as 5m, 6m, 8m and 10m square structures, the attractive Ultimate is suitable for a host of different applications, thanks to its eye catching design and the choice of glazed or hard wall panelling. The Ultimate has been successfully used at Epsom Race Course, The Spanish Open and Aegon Tennis Championships at Eastbourne. At Epsom, the Ultimate was joined onto a larger Eclipse structure to form an impactful entrance, adding both space and impact to the venue.

No two sporting events are the same. Requirements change year on year as events evolve and permanent facilities dictate. What is consistent is Owen Brown’s ability to provide innovative yet practical temporary space – whatever the occasion.

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