Deriving revenue through IPTV distribution


One area that can be under-utilised is the IP network, which now runs across many of the UK’s football and sports stadiums.

Most venues use, at the very least, a basic internal network that connects to displays or TV’s, often in the corporate hospitality areas. It is this network that can be used to maximum effect as a revenue generator.

Chesterfield FC is a great example. When the club moved into its new Proact Stadium in July 2010, it was particularly keen to see a return on its investment and with the help of local IT systems integrator, AddoocoIT, used its IP network to deliver live video throughout the entire venue, including public areas, conferencing and banqueting. The technology that facilitated this was MediaStar Evolution, a powerful IP-based video and AV distribution solution from Cabletime.

The main benefit to Chesterfield FC has been the ability to stream matches live so that supporters who want to reach the refreshment concourse prior to half-time, don’t actually miss any of the football action, and they linger longer after the break. This has resulted in a 20% increase in sales of refreshments. In addition, the Club now sells ‘broadcast time’ on the screens in the period before the game starts, using MediaStar Evolution to display adverts and promotions – creating another lucrative revenue stream.

Mike Cuckow, Sales Director EMEA/Asia Pacific at Cabletime, said: “We work with many sports arenas internationally and we have helped them achieve maximum benefit from their existing IP networks. Some have used the system to broadcast concerts live to screens throughout their venues, others to play recorded or promotional videos to diners in the corporate hospitality areas. One of the great advantages is that the system uses digital media, so content ranging from PowerPoint presentations to still images can be scheduled seamlessly alongside live TV. This provides stadiums with control over what is shown and when, allowing them to deliver high quality, highly influential messages in all parts of the venue.”


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