TigerTurf introduces Total Turf 60 XQ the latest innovation in turf technology


Total Turf 60 XQ is the latest innovative product in the TigerTurf range that has been created for football and rugby uses. The product has been developed in line with the highest safety and performance standards within the industry, making it suitable for all levels of skill and ability.

TigerTurf has now engineered two sports systems in its range that meet with the latest IRB minimum 60mm pile height regulations. The systems are accredited to IRB, FIFA 1 and FIFA 2 Star standards, reinforcing the guaranteed quality of this groundbreaking TigerTurf product.

What makes the product so advanced is the polymer processing of this exclusive XQ technology yarn. Total Turf 60 XQ has a vertical memory built into the blade and as a result the grass will remain upright even under heavy use. After intensive tests this unique yarn shows a reduced breakdown of fibre, resulting in improved performance and durability, which is less prone to splitting than its predecessor. Resulting in an extremely realistic, two-tone green that looks like natural grass, but performs with improved consistency in all climatic conditions.




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