Go with the flow


It features a quick connect spinner assembly with stainless steel spinner and uses a material control tube for accurate calibration when handling fine granular fertiliser, pesticides, herbicides, free-flowing sand, seeds and lime dust. It wastes nothing and there is no excessive residue of materials left on the turf.

The MS2000 features a dual variable speed controller with digital readout and flow gate with integral auger tube, and spreading width is up to 30’. The hopper construction is one piece LLDPE tan polyethylene and the frame is built in heavy gauge steel with black HRPE powder coating, so this machine is made to last. Ideal for spreading large amounts of seed and fertilizers it is also ideal for bulkier materials such as organics, compost and soil conditioners. The TurfEx topdresser is available in three models, offering a 255ltr spreader with a 3-point mount, a 425ltr utility bed mount and a 1,070ltr topdresser with trailer.

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