It’s no nine to five for Salford’s Groundsman


Having worked on pitches for 24 years the stadium’s Groundsman Danny Huffman, is not shy when it comes to a bit of hard graft and is well accustomed to the irregular hours it brings.

“It’s no nine to five” said Danny “It’s all part of the job, you find yourself constantly checking the weather forecast and if needs be I’ll be back at the stadium during the night to make sure it’s covered over if necessary.”

Over the years Danny has been asked to create a variety of designs on his pitches, but said: “I never want to go over the top, really a pitch should just look good in the background and not take away from the main focus of the game.”

With the arrival of Sale Sharks to Salford City Stadium Danny is prepared for a busy season ahead.

He said: “Unlike other grounds there’s no end of season for us, which means a lot of wear and tear on the pitch. We’re working all the time to keep the pitch up to scratch which means a lot of seeding in between games.”

“September is going to be the busiest time for us with the crossover of matches between the Reds and Sharks. Having two games back to back means we’ll be working round the clock to make sure it’s fit for playing.”

Having spent a few years working at the Sharks former ground, Edgeley Park, Danny’s familiar with the work union games bring and with help from his two assistants, son Connor and new apprentice Josh he should be able to keep his perfect pitch reputation.

“Each code of rugby has different elements of wear and tear on a pitch” said Danny. “With rugby union it tends to be the re-setting of the scrums which brings up the most turf and requires the most attention, whereas rugby league tends to generate more of a ‘H’ shaped pattern which you get used to repairing on a daily basis.”

Sale Sharks kicked off their new season at Salford City Stadium with a pre-season friendly against Leinster on 24th August which ended in a 10-10 draw.

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