The IOG Awards publicise how much the turf care industry has advanced


“The Awards also emphasise the skills required for groundscare and how personal development through training is essential and needs to be continually updated.”

Les, Grounds Manager at the University of Glamorgan, continues: “To be nominated for last year’s Award was a surprise and a great honour, but to actually win was overwhelming – especially as the nominees were of such high calibre.

“The media coverage of my Award from all the different agencies was surprising and the resulting recognition by the general public did take me back a bit.

“Indeed, the university’s Director of Sports, Dr Tudor Williams, also made sure all university departments knew of the Award and the Vice Chancellor invited me to the University Awards Dinner, which was certainly a highlight of the year.

“I also feel that the Award is recognition for my team, since the work carried out on the pitches here is a real team effort.

“The ethos of the Awards is not always on how many staff you have and how much is in the budget, but more on how these are utilised and how hard everyone is willing to work to achieve the very best playing surfaces.

“I feel the pitches here are exceptionally good and this is because of the hard work of my skilled and professional team. In turn, of course, the results are definitely very good for the university as a whole.”

Visit to view the easy-to-enter categories of this year’s IOG Industry Awards, held at York Racecourse on December 6.

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