APT Skidata interfaces allow users to measure and reward customer loyalty


Transactional data that gives complete visibility of customer spending behaviour is securely captured by APT Skidata’s systems, both with its parking management and people access control technology. This data enables site owners to fully exploit further marketing opportunities by offering their customers loyalty points, targeted discounts and incentives.

Open system interfaces have become one of the distinguishing features of APT Skidata’s software and hardware solutions, says Sean Dunstan, Managing Director: “The need to allow for extended functionality and integration with third-party providers, including CRM software suppliers, is one of APT Skidata’s principle priorities when it comes to product development.”

Due to the strong interface capabilities of Skidata systems, Sean continues, customer data can be easily and securely fed into CRM software in real time for instant action: “Our open interfaces enable clients to integrate all of their activities, such as parking, venue access, ticketing, catering and merchandise sales, into one easy-to-operate system, thus improving efficiencies and helping to maximise profits,” he says.

One such integration was successfully implemented in the US, where the Philadelphia Union soccer club in Chester, Pennsylvania, installed an access control solution from Skidata incorporating Smart Card RFID technology, Print@Home ticketing and a CRM programme to encourage and reward brand loyalty to the club.

Through the programme – supplied by software provider Green 4 Solutions – season ticket-holders are awarded loyalty points for attending matches, with more points awarded for attendance at off-peak fixtures such as mid-week games. They also have the opportunity to earn bonus points in the event of a home win, poor weather, long-distance travel to an away game or early arrival at the venue.

The ticket-holder collects points via a season pass – an RFID Smart Card that is being phased in to replace paper tickets in providing access to the stadium – and this data is passed to the CRM software hub via Skidata’s system interface. These points can then be redeemed for exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ experiences such as behind-the-scenes stadium tours, meet the team events, and the opportunity to bid in auctions for one-off signed team merchandise.

The Skidata system has already delivered tangible results in incentivising customer loyalty: “At the end of last year, early entrance levels to the venue more than 30 minutes prior to kick-off had increased by five percent,” says Sean. “Furthermore, season ticket renewal was up 11 percent compared with renewals prior to the introduction of the loyalty programme.

“The results seen by Philadelphia Union are an excellent example of how Skidata systems can be utilised to help site managers fully harness the potential of both the technology and the data at their disposal,” he concludes. “CRM is becoming such an important piece of the puzzle for our customers, and we hope to see more companies grow to understand and appreciate its true value.”

Green 4 Solutions recently held an event called ‘Beyond CRM’ to demonstrate the role that CRM technology can play in supporting data analysis for sport venues in particular. Hosted at Team GB House overlooking the Olympic Park, the event was attended by key industry figures and discussion themes included ‘Creating and implementing fan loyalty programs’, ‘Building an integrated stadium solution’, and ‘Measuring ROI from an integrated CRM strategy’.

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