Don’t catch a cold when the snow and ice hits winter weather-beaters from Honda


Keeping sites, car parks and walkways free of snow and ice is essential for business continuity, compliance and the health and safety of the public and staff alike. But with huge areas to shovel, sweep and salt, it can be a considerable task.

Fortunately, there are a few products on the market to ensure you’re prepared when the winter weather hits, including a range of labour and time-saving tools from Honda (UK).

Honda’s powerful walk-behind snowblowers make shifting snow fast, efficient and easy on the operator. As well as the power, fuel efficiency and reliability of a market-leading four-stroke engine, all models offer reliable and easy starting, even at temperatures as low as -26°C; and the range includes features such as heavy-duty serrated augers which make light work of slicing through heavily crusted snow; and joystick-controlled chutes to blow snow far away from the machine. Additionally, a quick release security clutch that stops the blade as soon as the operator moves their hand from the lever ensures optimum safety, while a powerful moveable spotlight ensures ease-of-use in the dark.

The entry level HS621 has a clearing capacity of 33 tonnes per hour and is quiet, smooth and easy to use.  As a single-stage snowblower, it’s compact, light (41.5 kgs) powerful and highly manoeuvrable and its rubber-tipped augers make it ideal for clearing paths and pavements without damaging the ground.

With the ability to clear up to 37 tonnes of snow in an hour, the lightweight and ergonomic dual-stage snowblower,  HS622, comes with a choice of electric or manual start, and low pressure tyres or all-terrain tracks; both ensuring excellent traction through practically any kind of snow.

The mid-range HS760 offers the ultimate balance economy, ease-of-use and power with a clearing capacity of 42 tonnes per hour. Featuring hydrostatic drive, controlled by one lever, speed is infinitely variable and easily adjustable without affecting the rate of auger rotation.

The top-end HS970 boasts all of the features of the HS760, but with the ability to shift up to 50 tonnes of snow per hour, it’s the ultimate solution for clearing larger areas of packed snow quickly.

Snow can be blown to either the side or front of the machine, meaning they can clear a path far wider than their typical sub-one metre operating width.  In optimum conditions, cleared snow can be blasted up to 16 metres away from the machine.

For clearing larger areas quickly, ATVs, more commonly known as ‘quad bikes’, are ideal. Honda’s range includes models with switchable two and four-wheel drive; are famously robust and durable, and incredibly versatile thanks in no small part to the variety of third party attachments available on the market. ATVs with snow ploughs and salt spreaders, for example, are increasingly common, as Tesco found in 2010 when it bought 150 Honda ATVs fitted with snow ploughs to clear its larger stores’ car parks quickly and efficiently when the snow hit.

Once winter has packed up and gone, an ATV will prove to be a versatile all-year-round asset to the team. Attachments including rollers, harrows, mowers, sweepers, spreaders, aerators, sprayers, and trailers make short work of a huge variety ground care and maintenance tasks.

So, to ensure that your business is prepared for winter, please call 0845 200 8000 or visit either or

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