CLS complete renovation works for Gateshead Stadium


Cleveland Land Services (CLS) have recently completed the renovation works to the infield at Gateshead International Stadium. This infield is not only used for Athletic events, but also Football with Gateshead F.C. and Rugby League with Gateshead Thunder.

This scheme involved removing the top 30mm of the existing playing surface using a KORO ‘Fieldtop Maker’. The earthworks involved stripping the topsoil, re-grading the sub soil, remove surplus material off site then re-spreading the top soil. These works were completed to the new design levels using laser-controlled D5 Dozer, 20t Excavator and Hydrema dump trucks.

The top soil was then lightly cultivated and graded using a tractor mounted grader bar and Laser-Grader prior to installing the new primary drainage system. The system comprised silt trap, 160mm collector drain and 100mm lateral drains, which were installed using a fully laser controlled AFT 750 Whizz Wheel.

A secondary drainage system was installed using a KORO ‘Top Drain’ to link the primary system. The slits were installed at 45o to the primary system. Each slit is 40mm wide, 150mm deep at 500mm centres.

CLS also installed four additional sprinkler heads including the pipe work, isolation valves and solenoid valves to the existing system. This was to ensure the centre of the pitch is fully covered.

On completion of these works the final grading was completed using the Laser-Grader. CLS are the first contractor in the UK to have a Laser-Grader as part of their fleet. This machine was perfect for this aspect, as it was designed with this close tolerance grading job in mind. Weighing only 1500kg and grading with 3mm of accuracy the machine left the surface ready to take the specialist sports turf.

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