SAVORTEX becomes the first-ever hand dryer to achieve a Guinness World Records title


The world record, Most hands dried using 30kJ of energy, was devised by Guinness World Records officials as a challenge to measure the energy efficiency in hand drying. The Vortex 550 EcoSmart successfully dried four pairs of hands using less than 30kJ of energy. Typically, hand dryers use between 72kJ and 96kJ of power to dry just one pair of hands. SAVORTEX successfully achieved four pairs of dry hands using just 24kJ of energy – smashing the minimums set by Guinness World Records officials and claiming the world record.

The record was achieved thanks to the Vortex 550 EcoSmart’s unique compression technology, which incorporates three registered patents and makes it the lowest carbon emission hand dryer in the world.

The Vortex 550 EcoSmart uses just 550W and has a unique heat recycling method which dramatically reduces power consumption and GHG compared to conventional 2400W hand dryers. The Vortex 550 EcoSmart is so powerful and efficient it takes just 15 seconds to dry hands.

To achieve the energy efficiency title, Guinness World Records required that each participant started drying their hands completely wet, and were only judged to be dry once moisture levels were under 40% on their whole hand. The successful world record attempt took place at SAVORTEX’s laboratory and manufacturing centre in Wiltshire.

The Vortex 550 EcoSmart is the product of six years of scientific research and product development. Savortex’s engineers were given the challenge of overcoming the inefficiency and short life expectancy of conventional 2400W hand dryers. The result was a super energy efficient hand dryer at only 550W with a life expectancy of 15 years, compared to 1-2 years for conventional dryers.

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