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IRIS Ticketing delivers tangible business results via personalised customer delight online

It used to be that all supporters would go to the Box Office to get their season and match tickets face-to-face – it was all part of the experience of attending their favourite sporting events. Nowadays however, an increasing number choose to purchase online and now clubs are recognising that this trend is making their lives both easier and more profitable.

Mark Dewell, Managing Director at IRIS Ticketing, says: “Clubs and venues are having to adapt, as delivering a great experience for the supporters, who are the lifeblood of their club, has to be one of their top priorities. Selling memberships as well as season and match tickets are the fundamental issues. More innovative venues are looking to ‘delight’ their supporters by offering a new and exciting range of services online.”

For IRIS Ticketing, marrying these two areas is where its solution – TALENT Sport – comes to the fore. It’s currently helping sporting venues across Europe and beyond achieve ticketing, marketing and customer service excellence. Its online features hit all the right hotspots, in terms of offering an innovative, personalised experience for supporters. For clubs, this is like discovering a gold mine. Every single item that it has to sell – either match-day or non match-day related – whether from its Box Office, hospitality, community, or retail departments – it can all be offered online in a single transaction, making purchasing easy, fast and secure.

So how can clubs and venues be sure that this system is right for them and can meet their requirements, from meeting spikes in ticket requests through to integrating with social media activity?

Take your Pick Online

TALENT Sport allows customers to extend their visit experience easily to include a meal, stadium tour or choose presents for family and friends. The ability to put your entire club or venue online means anything and everything can be sold to a recognised customer and in a single transaction – from tickets to hospitality, from kids coaching courses to stadium tours, from electronic cash top-ups to personalising your club merchandise.

TALENT Sport makes it easy to increase profitability by ensuring it is the first place supporters think of when looking to purchase anything from the club.

Online Innovation

No one likes queueing on a busy website. TALENT Sport has overcome frustrations by proactively letting supporters know exactly how long the wait will be and how many tickets are remaining by event, no need for multiple browser sessions and no more waiting for tickets that have already sold out.

Phil Dutton, Head of Ticketing and Hospitality at Liverpool Football Club, comments: “Streamlining our ticketing with IRIS TALENT Sport means we no longer worry about demand when tickets go on sale. The stability of the system and new innovativations such as informing people about queue times online and the availability of specific tickets, means our supporters have never been happier – except when the team is winning on the pitch of course!”

TALENT Sport’s online solution has proven to be compelling for visitors as they are presented with relevant and targetted messages, reminders and offers. This provides opportunities for clubs to remind, up-sell and cross-sell to their supporters and customers in a timely manner.

By associating a provenance code to each piece of marketing – whether that be email, SMS, Facebook message, QR Code, website banner, etc – TALENT Sport can easily track the success of that campaign as a whole or with regards to a specific customer or group of customers. Marketing ROI figures can be accurately produced – and these can detail up-sell as the whole transaction is recorded with the marketing provence code.

In turn, this data can easily be used to provide an increased level of targetted marketing taking into consideration the customers actual marketing preference, previous marketing campaign responses and their propensity to purchase more than the original marketing message suggested.

Mobile & Social Media Trends

Whether you live and breathe Facebook or you’ve still to sign up, IRIS Ticketing’s research shows that sports fans are increasingly turning to mobile devices when looking at clubs, sites and social media to communicate with friends. TALENT Sport makes sure that all its technology is optimised for mobile devices and is integrated with social media channels, to make sure as many people as possible know that your visitors ‘like’ your club and can evangelise the different products & offers you have in place – it doesn’t get better than word of mouth recommendations.

• Liverpool Football Club is leading the way with mobile interactions, with an increase in over 650% taking place over the last year (from 1st Feb 2011 to 1st Feb 2012)

• Everton Football Club has seen mobile transactions increased by 300% (from 1st Feb 2011 to 1st Feb 2012) followed by Leeds Football Club at over 170%

• Wolves FC, Brighton FC and Durham Cricket Club all have their Twitter feeds integrated into their TALENT Sport site, ensuring that fans can quickly and easily keep up-to-date with club news and are the first to hear about clubs news and offers.

Raising your Game – Understanding your Customers

With a focus on ‘delighting’ each and every online visitor, TALENT Sport offers everything you would expect from a ticketing, customer and marketing management solution. From remembering their favourite seat and payment details, to suggesting products that they would typically purchase, to welcoming customers on their return, TALENT Sport goes one step further in understanding and anticipating customers needs.

TALENT Sport’s unique profiling engine allows each club to profile their customers based on a huge range of criteria – Age, Location, Buying Pattern, Spend Value, Recency, Loyalty, Attendance, Purchase Method, Preferred method of contact (based on actual campaign responses) to name but a few. Profiles can be combined to create customer segmentation. The great power of this detailed profile data is harnessed by TALENT Sport’s online solution, providing the customer with a personalised online experience. This experience encourages increased customer spend, loyalty and increased return rate to the site – which is being proven by outstanding statistics based on customer bahaviour online.

Online Success Stories

Leeds United Football Club sold out its key away matches within eight minutes and dispatched all tickets within two days; this is down from an average of ten days. The club also made considerable savings on the cost of processing ticketing applications whilst at the same time delighting its fans with their improved customer service.

Liverpool Football Club experience with TALENT Sport means that they have 100% confidence in going live for their games next season – simultaneously, knowing it will stand up to demand from over 200,000 visitors online.

Leeds United Football Club coach bookings have increased 50% since providing the supporter with a simple tick-box option whilst selecting their away tickets demonstrating this service is ticking the boxes for customer satisfaction

Everton Football Club sold the vast majority of their tickets for the FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley online and allowed their fans to select their own seats from the Wembley seating plan.

Leeds United Football Club saw online sales rocket with a 53% increase in online sales (from 1st Feb 2011 to 1st Feb 2012) since taking its stadium online

Everton Football Club saw an increase of 47% in online sales during the same period

Looking Ahead

Mark Dewell concludes: “The TALENT Sport team are fervent sports fans and at the heart of the business is a passion to create innovation for the sports industry in Britain and further afield. We’re all about making clubs lives easier and delighting supporters with easier, faster and better services.”

Call IRIS Ticketing on  0844 815 5732 for further information. Alternatively, email us at ticketing@iristicketing.co.uk or visit our website www.iristicketing.co.uk

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