10,000+ orders and 6,500 deliveries in just seven weeks


Since Rational launched its new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency in September 2011 over 10,000 units have been ordered.

Axel Roddewig is head of production for the combi steamer manufacturer based in Landsberg, Germany. He describes the Rational workforce’s performance as “extraordinary”. In the first seven weeks following the launch the factory’s five assembly lines dispatched 6,500 units from the “Testkunde”, which is where every SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency is tested before it is shipped to its final destination worldwide.

“Demand has been very high,” confirms Axel Roddewig. “We had to increase production capacity by 20% to keep pace with incoming orders. The average production was around 160 units per day before we launched the new model.  Right now we are manufacturing 250 units a day and our target is 275.”

The new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency has been described as ‘a quantum leap’ in cooking appliances in terms of efficiency and speed. “We also had to make a quantum leap in manufacturing to keep up with demand!” says Axel Roddewig. “By increasing production capacity we were able to maintain the uncompromising quality standards demanded by Rational’s company philosophy. They oblige us to deliver both the best cooking quality results for our customers and the highest possible quality in the product itself.”

For information and brochures, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency® ‘Rational CookingLive’ seminar, contact your dealer or freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944.

For product information and contact details see www.rational-UK.com. For information about Club Rational, including recipes and combi cooking tips, visit www.club-rational.com/gb.

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