Optimum innovation displayed by Victor’s Optimax


Operators and distributors who were invited to inspect the new range were impressed by the stylish looks, energy saving features and practical design of Victor’s latest precision engineered display cabinets.

The Optimax range includes hot, ambient and chilled food display cabinets for both self service and assisted service that have been specifically designed to deliver considerable energy savings at a time when operators are seeing rising fuel costs eroding the bottom line.

According to Victor’s Communications Manager Peter Brewin: “Increasingly, customers are requesting products that deliver in terms of energy saving, versatility and efficiency in use -criteria used in all our new product development. Nowhere is this more prominent than with our new Optimax refrigerated models, which under laboratory tests showed up to 50% reduction in energy usage over previous models. Optimax absolutely guarantees in terms of delivering sustainability, innovation and practicality in use”, he says.

Of particular note are the refrigerated models, designed to display chilled produce to best advantage. The units are proven to maintain core product temperatures with pre-chilled produce held at 5°C in ambient temperatures up to 27°C delivering superior temperature control and performance.

What makes Optimax really different is the clever method Victor has devised to keep chilled air within the cabinet when the rear doors are opened. A commonly encountered problem with rear doors being frequently used is that the refrigeration system is made to work harder, use more energy and create unwanted heat and noise in the workplace.

To combat this, on Victor’s operator-assisted models, the company has developed a drop-down/lift-up rear, load-bearing door that is engineered to open in such a way to channel cold air under the middle shelf thus minimising the loss of chilled air. The result is quick recovery, reduced load on the system and less energy used for pull-down.

Optimax displayed its green and practical credentials to such good effect at the open days that Victor is already well on its way to filling the order book as 2011 turns the corner into 2012.

“Following on from our open house launch days, visitors to Hotelympia will have a chance to inspect Optimax and see for themselves just how innovative this product is.” concludes Brewin.

To fire the imagination and to illustrate exactly what can be done with Victor’s eye to practicality in operation, flair for design and manufacturing expertise, operators can also visit Victor’s website www.victoronline.co.uk.

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