Scanomat UK offers pro quality in beverage service


Widely regarded as the best soluble coffee system on the market it is stylish, easy to use, versatile, and has a very high volume capacity – up to 630 cups of coffee per hour.

The Pro6 EU prepares freshly brewed coffee as well as all kinds of specialties in seconds, in either cup or jug format, and is ideal for a wide variety of hospitality sites. It’s logically designed with a finger-touch keyboard rendering operation easy and straightforward. The machine has four containers with Scanomat’s own ‘back-whipping’ and espresso Whipper system, which delivers a high quality, smooth mouth coffee experience.

Soluble systems have many plus points: soluble coffee is immediately dissolved when reconstituted with hot water and in terms of storage, so long as it is sealed will not degrade. Instant varieties today rival freshly ground beverages for taste and are excellent in workplace and self service situations, where operators want to offer a wide coffee menu including lattes, mochas and cappuccino for example as these can be produced quickly with no fuss.

Furthermore, the CaféCino Pro6 EU beverage machine can be tailored for individual customer needs. It has an illuminated front door and the image behind the glass can be replaced, perhaps with the operator’s own design or logo -perfect for the cafe or restaurant wanting to stamp their own brand throughout.

Scanomat’s Cafecino Pro4 EU ‘Compact’ Coffee Machine is the ‘baby’ version of the Pro6 with many of its features, yet packing an impressive punch despite its compact size – it is capable of pushing out 135 coffees per hour. The Pro4 EU is particularly attractive to small restaurants, cafes, offices, bars and fast food kiosks in high throughput locations.

The low energy Scanomat Pro4 EU expends less than 50% energy compared to nearest competitors. The machine can be programmed to sleep when not in use, and may also be preset to turn on/off at a specific time. In addition, the machine offers an easy automatic cleaning program ensuring minimal maintenance.

Worldwide, Scanomat serves almost 2 million cups of coffee a day and over half a billion a year. Coffee is the world’s second biggest commodity and the single most profitable product in the world so it makes sense to cash in on Scanomat’s extensive coffee ‘know how’ to take advantage of some of this profit.

Scanomat has the experience and the machinery to meet any application when it comes to hot beverage making.  And Scanomat’s expertise doesn’t stop there; the company also markets a wide range of high quality ingredients for superior taste and maximum coffee enjoyment. It really is the one-stop shop for all coffee solutions.

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