ServiceCall: satisfy more visitors with fewer staff


The Call buttons are strategically placed -in hospitality boxes and corporate dining areas, for example – and the customer simply presses them to call for service. The buttons send an alert to discreet pagers worn by staff members or to a central message board detailing the locations of each call.

Each ServiceCall unit can have several buttons; these can be used to identify separate functions, such as drinks, food service or AV support. Being wireless, ServiceCall is very easy to install without intrusive cables. It’s also economic to buy with virtually zero running costs.

Several clubs, for example Blackburn Rovers FC, Burnley FC, Reading FC and Worcester County CC, use these systems to improve their operations.

“Call buttons improve the customers’ experience and make staff more effective because they focus attention where it’s needed, without having to monitor out-of-sight areas,” says CST sales director Bruce McNair. “So it’s possible to provide excellent service on non-match and match days without the need to hire extra staff. In addition, we estimate installing a ServiceCall system in a hospitality operation can improve its efficiency by 25% or more.”

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