Brett Martin scores one for the blues at Brighton


Home to Brighton & Hove Albion FC, the stadium sports a striking sky-blue translucent roof specifically developed by Brett Martin Daylight Systems and expertly installed by CA Roofing Services.

In order to provide as much natural light as possible for players and fans alike, the roof, unusually, is solely comprised of Brett Martin’s Trilite Ultra 36 GRP (glass reinforced polyester) roof sheet. Some 55 tonnes of the rooflight was provided, specifically tinted to architect, KSS Design Group’s exacting requirements.

“We worked closely with the architect and roofing contractor to get the sky blue tint exactly right,” explains Brett Martin’s Commercial Director David Biggs.

“The Seagull’s team colours – blue and white – played an important part but equally, we had to ensure it provided a light, bright and comfortable atmosphere internally. Trilite Ultra offers high light transmission levels while minimising distracting shadows so is perfect for sporting venues but it is unusual to tint GRP sheet on this scale. Having extensive experience of stadia projects, we were able to provide technical advice and varying samples to ensure the aesthetics of the stands, pitch and external appearance all worked together.”

The sweeping roof design and extensive use of rooflights was paramount in ensuring the stadium sat comfortably in its rural location, adjacent to a registered Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has already won a Structural Steel Design Award and is receiving much attention nationally for its striking design.

Brett Martin’s Trilite Ultra 36 is a BBA certified heavyweight sheet with SAA 1 fire grading. It incorporates an enhanced Superlife UV protective finish to minimise the harmful effects of the sun and ultra-violet radiation. Providing significantly greater safety levels than minimum requirements, it offers a 25 year non fragility classification; an important factor in its specification by roofing contractor CA Roofing Services.

Steven Forster, Commercial Director of CA Group’s Construction Division explains: “We specifically recommended the use of Brett Martin’s Trilite Ultra. It had the weathering and durability properties to meet the specification while being very cost effective. Having worked with Brett Martin for many years we also knew they had the expertise and manufacturing capability to meet the non-standard profile and finish.

“I was thoroughly impressed with Brett Martin’s liaison with the architect in order to match the blue tint, they bent over backwards to provide samples. Their delivery and service were exemplary and the inevitable teething troubles we encountered on site were quickly and professionally resolved.”

Brett Martin Daylight Systems is the UK and Ireland’s leading and largest rooflight manufacturer. It is the only European company to manufacture all the main plastic rooflight materials and was the first to produce GRP rooflights with extended weathering capabilities.

A video of the Amex Stadium’s roof is available at

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