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Increased performance and comfort are key features of the new and improved range of Taraflex sport flooring from Gerflor. The new Taraflex Sport M Comfort and Taraflex Multi-Use 6.2 cater, respectively, for the needs of multi-sport and multi-use venues, while enhancements made to Taraflex Sport M Evolution and Taraflex Sport M Performance ensure comfortable and safe sports floors for all.

Taraflex Sport M Comfort is a brand new 12mm thick flooring. With an impressive P3 classification, it offers levels of force reduction of between 45% and 55% and provides an excellent balance between ongoing player safety and comfort, should a fall occur. The improved 7mm thick Taraflex Sport M Evolution and 9mm thick Taraflex Sport M Performance products offer P1 and P2 classifications. With the multi-sport range there is a choice of 15 colours and two wood effects.

Taraflex Multi-Use 6.2 is another completely new product and, with its EN 14904 compliance, is the ideal solution for multi-use venues such as schools. The flooring is available in five masking design with a wood grain effect to hide stains.

The high performance of Gerflor’s new Taraflex sport flooring range is achieved through a number of innovative features: CXP HD, D-Max+, Protecsol and Sanosol. CXP HD (Cellular Extreme Process High Density) offers unparalleled comfort in the form of a very high density foam backing layer. D-Max+ provides durability and is reinforced with two fibreglass grids which contribute outstanding dimensional stability and improved indentation resistance while allowing free floating installation. Triple action Protecsol means no polish is ever required, it contributes to easy maintenance, anti friction burn and slide/grip, while hygienic protection against fungus and bacteria is provided by Sanosol®.

Gerflor offers a number of installation solutions for Taraflex. The new Eco-Fit System allows fast, free floating installation while the Dry-Tex System enables installation onto humid subfloors. Low and high profile undercarriage systems are also available.

Taraflex is the preferred surface for the NSL (Netball Super League) currently aired on Sky Sports and will be played on until end of 2012 season.

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