Ice-O-Matic storage bins make Banqueting easier and more efficient


Banquet caterers need a ready stock of ice when they are preparing for a big event. However, storing ice in peak condition can be a problem. Classeq’s Ice-O-Matic storage bins are designed to maintain the quality of the ice prior to serving.

Caterers can reduce running costs and increase energy efficiency by combining a smaller Ice-O-Matic modular ice-machine with a larger storage unit, preparing the ice in advance and storing it in the bin until it is needed. Ice-O-Matic Storage bins offer a range of features for easy use. A Safe-Hold hinge keeps the door of the unit open while ice is collected. The built-in scoop holder keeps the scoop handle away from the ice, but still easy to locate and access. This avoids hand contact with the ice and ensures the necessary hygiene requirements are met.

Their tightly sealed design, polyethylene bin liners and industrial foam insulation prevent ice melting so that, despite sustained periods of storage, it will remain in top condition.

The five different Ice-O-Matic bins currently available suit different scales of commercial banqueting. The 152.4cm wide B170 has the largest capacity, with a maximum volume of 820kgs of cube ice.

All Ice-O-Matic storage bins are built using stainless steel with industrial-grade, finger-print proof moulding. This makes them ideal for heavy usage without the wear and tear commonly seen on poorer quality constructions. Ice-O-Matic modular ice-machines are available in three different sizes, starting at 55.9cm with the ICEO320 model, ideal for smaller spaces. The largest currently available, the 121.9cm wide ICE1405, can produce up to 574kg of cube ice a day.

Ice-O-Matic machines and storage bins are distributed in the UK by Classeq, part of the Winterhalter UK group. The Ice-O-Matic range includes the ICE Series cube ice machines, which make premium quality cube and half cube ice; flake ice machines, producing high quality flake ice suitable for medical use or for presentation and preservation of fresh meat, poultry and fish, and, pearl ice machines, producing soft, chewable ice crystals. Ice-O-Matic machines are available as modular machines with separate storage bins or as self-contained machines with inbuilt storage.

For information on the Classeq Ice-O-Matic range of ice machines, including details of your nearest stockist, call 0844 225 9249, see or email

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