Winter has arrived!


After two consecutive cold winters and predictions for more snow and ice this year imminent; being prepared is the key to managing difficult conditions effectively.

Whatever your circumstances, your ability to spread snow and ice control products can make all the difference. Whether spreading course road rock salt, fine processed ice melt granules or liquid ice melt, the EarthWay range of professional spreaders and sprayers and all make easy work of delivering material over any area.

Grit and Rock Salt Spreading – High Output

Grit and Rock Salt will always be difficult to spread if moisture content is higher than 5%. The nature of UK mined salt and the damp UK atmosphere will always make the spreading of these materials by any pedestriqan spreader difficult. This is mainly due to the material “sticking” together and bridging over the outlet holes. The smaller the hole the more difficult to spread these materials tend to be. The BLUE hopper range from EarthWay have very large outlet ports which can be controlled by a positive steel ROD connection which enables the user to adjust the flow and output these difficult to spread materials effectively.

Ev-n-Spred 2040pi Plus – High Output Spreader

Specifically designed for spreading ice melt, rock salt, dry sand and other high volume application products and is ideal for smaller areas of use.

Ev-n-Spred 2130 – High Output Spreader

Commercial design for spreading ice melt, rock salt and dry sand. It features the Ev-n-Spred® High Speed Gearbox as a central part of this top performance spreader.

EarthWay Red Hopper Spreaders

EarthWay Ev-n-Spred RED hopper spreaders utilise a three hole drop outlet mechanism which provides greater accuracy but also means smaller holes for material to flow through. This makes the spreaders ideal for fertiliser and low output material spreading, but less efficient with coarse and damp materials such as grit and rock salt. The material being spread will determine the spreading characteristics of any spreader, but as long as the material is DRY, FREE FLOWING and of regular particle size, the EarthWay Ev-n-Spred red hopper range are ideal for all year round spreading.

EarthWay Ev-n-Spred portfolio of spreaders, built in the USA, range from the smallest and lowest priced Ev-n-Spred 1950 to stainless steel commercial units which can be either towed or pushed.

Ice Melt through EarthWay Ev-n-Spred Red Hopper Spreaders

Using Ice Melt through an Earthway red hopper spreader can be the most cost effective and cleanest way to control ice and snow. Due to the formulation (dry and free flowing) and the low application rate, 10 grams per square metre, ICE Melt products can work out upto half the price of using rock salt. This is due to the spreading characteristics of rock salt which results in high volumes being dispensed through pedestrian spreaders over relatively small areas thus increasing the cost per square metre.

Using high quality ice melts enables users to utilise lower cost units over small areas. However, Ice Melts tend to be higher priced per bag which makes it essential that application is accurate.

Mounted Spreaders

For speed, convienence and significant areas, larger units are available. For spreading Grit and Rock Salt, the Magnum Mounted spreaders are ideal and feature a vibration unit and auger to improve flow.

Towed Spreaders

For spreading Grit and Rock Salt, the Multi-Spred 300 spreader is ideal and features a unique spininig auger to improve flow.

The Multi-Spread 300 salt spreader is a simple tow behind salt spreader. Ideal for spreading salt and coarse materials in the winter periods.

Snow Clearing

For effective snow and ice control with rock salt or ice melts, moving the snow prior to application is best practice. Due to the UK “wet” snow and relatively small quantities (2″ or 3″) the Polar Tuff Snow Plough is an ideal unit for easy removal.

This bi-directional snow plough makes it simple and easy to clear your driveway and sidewalks in half the time with half the effort needed for conventional shovelling.

Spraying Ice Melt

The use of liquid ice melt is ever increasing. Liquid ice melt is often used as a preventive treatment prior to cold conditions. Easy of application and performance of these materials offer the user an alternative. Liquid ice melts are ideal for metal structures for example fire escapes where health and safety is so important.

The S15 provides the ultimate compact push sprayer technology, and is ideal for all garden and smaller landscape area usage. The S15 features Earthway’s patented gear pump which is wheel driven via the Earthway high speed gear box, and sprays out through a new adjustable height nozzle system. The S15 is a boomless sprayer, and is fitted with a wide spray TF-VP nozzle, with the capability of spraying in excess of 1.5 meters and as narrow as around 60cm the S15 is the most flexible and versatile of small sprayers.

Chapin 15 Litre knapsack sprayers are ideal for spraying ice melt.

Government Snow Code

Prevent slips

Pay extra attention to clear snow and ice from steps and steep pathways – you might need to use more salt on these areas. If you clear snow and ice yourself, be careful – don’t make the pathways more dangerous by causing them to refreeze.

Clear the snow or ice early in the day

It’s easier to move fresh, loose snow rather than hard snow that has packed together from people walking on it. So if possible, start removing the snow and ice in the morning. If you remove the top layer of snow in the morning, any sunshine during the day will help melt any ice beneath. You can then cover the path with salt before nightfall to stop it refreezing overnight.

Use salt or sand – not water

If you use water to melt the snow, it may refreeze and turn to black ice. Black ice increases the risk of injuries as it is invisible and very slippery. You can prevent black ice by spreading some salt on the area you have cleared.

Be careful not to spread salt on plants or grass as it may cause them damage.

If you don’t have enough salt, you can also use sand or ash. These won’t stop the path icing over as well as salt, but will provide good grip under foot.

Take care where you move the snow

When you’re shovelling snow, take care where you put it so it doesn’t block people’s paths or drains. Make sure you make a path down the middle of the area to be cleared first, so you have a clear surface to walk on. Then shovel the snow from the centre of the path to the sides.

Offer to clear your neighbours’ paths

If your neighbour will have difficulty getting in and out of their home, offer to clear snow and ice around their property as well.

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