GoodLife: cleaner, greener disposables


These latest additions bring the total number of LapTop boxes to 12, ranging in size from individual burger boxes to compartmentalised dinner trays.

Disposables are an essential piece of kit for catering outlets in any busy football or sports arena, but what happens to all those used cups, plates and food boxes once the fans have gone home? The chances are that most of them will end up languishing in a landfill site, a pretty unpalatable thought.

GoodLife provides a welcome alternative, combining unmatched product performance with unrivalled environment credentials.  And with more than 80 products in the range, ranging from chip forks to compartmentalised dinner trays, caterers have the added advantage of sourcing everything they need from one supplier.

Geoff Page, managing director at Cap-It-All, said: “Whether it’s a pie and a pint or fish and chips, food and beverages form a big part of a sporting day out for fans. That’s why choosing the right disposable is so important. GoodLife disposables tick all the boxes. Not only are they highly robust and durable, they are made from 100% natural and sustainable materials and will disappear in a matter of weeks when disposed of in correct conditions.”

GoodLife LapTop food boxes are made from bagasse, the raw material left over once sugar cane has been cut and processed. Cap-It-All takes what is effectively a waste product and turns it into disposables that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Independent laboratory tests have shown, for example, that GoodLife bagasse disposables can withstand boiling water up to 100°C and boiling oil up to 130°C, making them ideal for serving hot and even greasy food. Yet, incredibly, at the end of their life, GoodLife bagasse disposables can be disposed of in nothing more sophisticated than a compost heap or bin, where they were disappear within 6-8 weeks.

For added convenience and safety, GoodLife LapTop boxes boast a click-shut mechanism which allows for fast and secure closure – an important consideration in outlets where speed of delivery is crucial. Cap-It-All can also offer the option of colour printing across the LapTop range, enabling caterers to emblazon these products with a brand name, message or details of a promotion.

But that is only part of the story. GoodLife comprises a complete solution for stadium and event caterers. Also included in the range are plates, bowls and the hugely popular 500ml and 650ml rectangular takeaway trays, which are suitable for everything from chips to pasta and noodles, and which can be supplied with a choice of lids, if required.

Completing the package is a range of compostable PLA clear cups, containers and lids, forestry-certified wooden cutlery, stirrers and unbleached napkins, all of which boast the quality and unrivalled environmental credentials the catering industry has come to expect from Cap-It-All and from GoodLife.

For more information on GoodLife visit: or call 01925 211 490.

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