New StewardCall enhances crowd safety,no matter how busy the stadium


Call Systems Technology has launched a new version of its StewardCall system that not only considerably enhances crowd safety, but also speeds up response times to situations and emergencies and helps protect stewards.

The improvements are the results of a clever location-pinpointing feature. It means that, at the push of a button, anyone wearing a StewardCall transmitter can be precisely located, no matter how busy the stadium.  It can also be linked directly to CCTV systems, so that the control room can see exactly what is going on, in an instant.

StewardCall was developed by Call Systems Technology (CST) in direct response to the growing need to improve communications in busy stadia and maintain crowd safety. Every steward carries a pendant that has up to four buttons; pressing a button sends an instant alert to relevant personnel either via Mapp Screen Display Screen, their pager, DECT handset or radio. Typically one button might be dedicated to summoning a supervisor, the others might alert the medical team, an ejection squad or the cleaners.

StewardCall’s potential contribution to crowd safety has already been recognised: it won the Product Innovation prize at the 2011 Stadium Business Awards at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium on 20th June 2011. The new location feature underlines and expands its credentials.

“Top venues, including Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, The O2, Nottingham Arena and Blackburn Rovers’ Ewood Park Stadium, have found StewardCall a highly effective and practical way to protect stewards and spectators,” says Bruce McNair, sales director at CST. “With potentially several hundred stewards on duty, two-way radio is impractical because of the level of traffic involved. StewardCall means that instant communication is possible, even in a packed arena.”

The StewardCall locator feature’s pinpoint accuracy is the result of the way the system maps out the stadium. This is achieved simply by carrying a StewardCall transmitter around the site. It is done twice – when the venue it is empty and when it’s crowded. This ensures that the calibration is not affected by changing conditions.

“The locator feature means that as soon as a steward pushes a button, management instantly know exactly where the crisis is, to within a few metres. The CCTV system link can be programmed to automatically focus on the area, instantly the alert comes in,” says Bruce McNair.

According to Emirates Stadium Manager John Beattie, StewardCall not only allows all Arsenal’s700 stewards to communicate instantly with supervisors and emergency staff, its control system also keeps him fully informed about what’s going on and where throughout the stadium, before, during and after games. “It’s a very effective system for stadia – StewardCall has set the standards,” he says.

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