Dual-purpose X-Ray security screening for events, stadiums and public meetings


pod_event_b13DX-Ray Ltd has developed a new dual-purpose public x-ray baggage security system for use at events, sports arenas, stadiums and public meetings. Based on the company’s FlatScan-TPXi portable x-ray system, the FlatScan-POD allows FlatScan-TPXi to be used for baggage scanning in a public area as well as retaining its use as a portable x-ray system. It is ideal for both checking bags as they are carried in to public events and for emergency use x-raying suspect bags, cases and parcels that have been left unattended.

The mobile cabinet-style unit can be quickly set up as a security inspection station, and moved to other locations as required. Once the FlatScan-POD is positioned as required the FlatScan-TPXi system is simply slotted into the unit ready to inspect bags.

The unit is battery operated so its deployment is not limited by access to mains electricity.

If a stray suspect item is found in the vicinity the FlatScan-TPXi unit can quickly be removed from the FlatScan-POD and deployed as a portable x-ray inspection system to investigate the suspicious item without moving it.

The system provides superb image quality with resolutions in the range of 4lp/mm, and one of the best penetration specifications in the market for a given x-ray energy. A suite of software tools allows the operator to investigate the image (e.g. Zoom and Deep Focus, and materials discrimination), together these and to interpret complex images help the operator to identify potential biological or explosive hazards, complex and ‘dirty’ explosive devices and weapons more easily and accurately.

As a portable system FlatScan-TPXi is robust and simple to deploy. It’s slim large detector area (41x53x5cm) allows the  operator to take the image in a single ‘shot’ rather than risking a ‘re-visit’. The system also offers wireless (over 1/2 km) and wired connectivity and a fibre optic option with complete control and data feedback from the remote operators’ laptop

FlatScan-POD is already deployed in London, which was the first city in the world to protect its bus and rail commuters with this mobile baggage scanner technology.

Nick Fox, of 3DX-RAY commented “Using our technology to create a portable baggage scanner offers security staff a substantial edge. Potential trouble makers and terrorists could consider most events as “Soft Targets.” With our new mobile scanners, police and security personnel can set up a security x-ray facility at any new event or public gathering, then simply re-deploy it elsewhere when the event is over.”

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