Are you compliant or complacent?


trb4-insituAre you aware of regulations regarding where and how you should store chemicals and flammable substances? Get compliant before HSE catch up with YOU!!

The TransBank™, designed and manufactured by Armorgard Security Products is an efficient and economic way of keeping you within the limits of the law. Whether you are transporting or storing hazardous substances, the TransBank™ is designed to fully comply with all UK regulations.

Available in 4 sizes, suitable for storing from a couple of tubs of Round Up, up to 4 jerry cans of petrol, these lightweight but robust units have proved very popular with landscape contractors, local authorities and grounds maintenance companies nationwide. Not only are they designed to secure your hazardous goods safely, but also give you total peace of mind.

Key features include:

•Lockable over centre clamp

•Ventilation grilles with flame arrestor gauze

•High quality construction with relevant hazard warning signs attached

•Bolt holes for fixing down to surface.

•Fully welded sump base to contain any spillages

•Manufactured with ½ hour fire rating as required by law.

The TransBank™ is part of a range of storage units manufactured by Armorgard. Other products include tool vaults, large walk in units for storing tools or flammables, gas cages or drum stores.

For more information about Armorgard’s range of secure storage call 0800 634 6650 or email:

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