Economy & energy efficiency with Meiko’s ecostar dishwashers


ecostar-545d-image1Reliability – a basic requirement of these machines is delivered alongside water-savings, reduced detergent usage, long-lasting equipment and easy user operation.

The under-counter 530F and the 545D pass-through warewashers both feature the Eco-filter system that guarantees optimum filtration of the wash water by keeping the wash tank water cleaner, in turn reducing detergent consumption, lowering operating time, and ensuring a higher standard of wash quality.

Also included as standard is the new fully electronic control system MIKE 1 with integrated infrared technology – a means of capturing, recording and analysing machine data.

Ease of operation is made easier with the new digital temperature display for wash and final rinse temperatures along with, two and three wash programme cycles on the 530F and 545D respectively, and integral rinse aid and dosing units.

Both models feature soft start operation preventing jerky jostling and powerful upper and lower wash and rinse systems.  Importantly, the machines are double skinned and insulated, keeping the heat inside rather than leaking into the kitchen area.

The 530F two wash programme cycles are 120 and 180 seconds, whilst the three cycles on the 545D model range from the short 90 second programme to the intensive clean 240 second cycle.

Also available as optional with the pass-through warewasher is the AirBox AktivAir exhaust treatment system – a simple means of controlling exhaust extraction at cleaning programme start up – no filter required, maintenance free, and can be retrofitted.

For more information on Meiko’s popular Ecostar dishwashing systems please contact the company direct on 01753 215120, alternatively visit

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