The AeraVator – a truly universal aerator


ua603lgThe soil penetrating system of the AeraVator uses a series of vibrating tines to shatter the soil, penetrating the hardest conditions up to 8 -9 cm deep. Because of this unique vibrating action the aerator does not need ‘weight’ to do its job. Therefore it can be used with smaller, lighter tractors without compromising the results.

The model range delivers results and lowers equipment costs further by its increased versatility. With a selection of interchangeable shafts and seeder options the operator can condition sports fields, overseed and primary seed with one machine. The patented vibrating tines deliver results without the extra work and power requirements of traditional aeration – and the fractured soil creates the ideal seedbed making this a multi-functional machine that can be used in many applications.

p1010233The products versatility includes a grooming rake and brush option which can be used for playing surface preparation on turf – including the incorporation of top dressing into the surface. The combination of a multi-tine roller and brush are also effective at levelling and conditioning rubber crumb material on synthetic turf.

•Vibrating tines loosen the soil all around and underneath each tine, fracturing the soil and reducing compaction.

•Better subsurface aerification occurs due to the total fracturing of the soil – no holes are “punched” into the surface.

•No cores or plugs mean less post-    aerification cleanup.

•Aerating dry soil reduces the expense of pre-irrigating; in fact, the harder the soil, the better the AeraVator performs.

•Swing-hitch allows easy turns while in use.

•Bonus: The Universal frame can be fitted with a seeder, slitter, multi-tine roller, rake and brush for additional versatility.

Working widths: 1.05m, 1.5m & 2m (available with or without seeder)

The AeraVator range is distributed in the UK by JSM Distribution, 0845 026 0061.

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