Straight down the middle new Synergy option from Victor


synergy-square-enclosedThe Synergy range, which is the working component of a foodservice counter delivers untold options to caterers: providing an economical alternative to bespoke counters; helping the smaller operator build up his counter run at a pace to suit them, and giving operators the opportunity to add to existing counter runs, as and when capacity dictates.

The new grantries are in addition to the popular curved screens, both of which are available in toughened glass with bevelled edges, and offered in a range of sizes. Straight glass gantries range in size from two x GN1/1 to six GN1/1.

Synergy’s stylish, clean lines with polished gantries and toughened glass, complement all counters whether stand-alone or counter run.  Each Synergy unit is available in up to five sizes, is self-contained and easy to install.

A range of five different models, in up to five sizes, has been designed to maintain the temperature of hot food by providing heat from below, supplemented by quartz halogen heat lamps from above. Both the top and lower levels are fully controllable. The controls are housed in the gantry hood or for models without gantries, in a remote panel that mounts on the counter body within one metre of the unit.

A further 10 models make up the refrigerated range featuring blown air decks, wells, deli’s and multi-tiers. Designed to meet the EN ISO 23953 standard in use, Victor refrigerated Synergy units will maintain the core product temperature of pre-chilled food below 5°C in ambient temperatures up to 27°C & 50% relative humidity. Units are illuminated by fluorescent tube and all controls are mounted on the top for easy access. All units have self-evaporating condense systems and require no plumbing.

Clever engineering means the products now use 50% less electricity than previously, thereby helping caterers to both save money on day to day running costs and cut their carbon footprint. The products are produced to higher specifications than ever before making them the some of the most advanced chilled displays on the market today. Prices begin at £2555 for a refrigerated unit, and £1600 for a heated unit – all available through distributors nationally.

victor-logoFor more information and a copy of the Synergy brochure contact Victor direct on 01274 722125, or visit

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