Clenaware doubles the life of plastic glassware


clenawareAimed squarely at the Pub, Club and Hospitality sectors, the Sovereign 45 & 50 offer a unique combination of practicality and specialisation that cannot be found in any other make of warewasher. The machines have a dedicated Polycarbonate Glassware cycle, which extends the usable life of ‘plastic’ glassware by as much as double. Polycarbonate glasses require a hotter rinsing temperature and additional rinse-aid to help with drying and shedding to an acceptable standard. The Clenaware range has a ‘dedicated’ Plastics Wash Cycle, as well as a Standard Wash Cycle for normal glassware. The cycle is selected by the operator on the Control Panel. Once selected, the machine automatically adjusts the Rinse Water temperature from 65°C to 75°C, and the Rinse-aid Dose is increased.

To enhance this superior specification, yet further. All Clenaware Models built in 2010 onwards will now feature an inbuilt ‘Monitoring System’ which produces a full audit trail for servicing, reporting and compliance purposes as well as monitoring consumption of power, water and consumables and planning preventative maintenance and fault diagnosis. The Clenaware Monitoring System (CMS) records and reports through an easy to use online interface which Facility Managers and Service Engineers can access on a real-time, 24/7 basis from any internet enabled PC to ensure that their Glasses are being effectively washed and cleansed. The system will also enable troubleshooting to be undertaken remotely without the need or expense of an engineer’s site visit.

Polycarbonate Glasses are rapidly becoming the standard within the late night entertainment sector, many now serve drinks exclusively out of polycarbonate – or plastic – containers in their venues with Clenaware Sovereign 45 and 50 models as the glass washer of choice, with up to six machines at a given venue.

Maintaining the quality of  polycarbonate glassware in optimum condition is one of the keys to their ongoing success and, in a tough financial climate, extending the life of Polycarbonate glassware without compromising customer satisfaction is an important consideration.

Vic Carpenter, Head of Research and Development at Clenaware comments: “Clenaware machines are designed from the outset with the user in mind, they are highly flexible allowing the user to switch between washing normal glassware and plastic glassware at any time during a washing session. Other manufacturers machines have to be set-up for different temperatures and rinse-aid dose volumes by an engineer and have to be ‘dedicated’ to either Normal Glassware or Plastic Glassware.”

kevin-nolanThe Clenaware range also includes a Glass Drying System called ‘Airack’ which is designed to facilitate fast drying and cooling of glasses following the washing process reducing the drying times from around 40 minutes to as little as 4 minutes. The Airack System speeds up the turnaround of glasses whilst delivering them in perfect condition for dispense ensuring that the glasses are presented dry, cool and clean for the very best presentation and ensuring carbonated drinks sparkle appealingly. Drawing in air from the base of the unit and blowing this onto the glasses using a matrix of 144 air nozzles achieve the drying action. The velocity of air passing over the glasses, reducing the glass temperature to just below ambient, achieves the cooling action.

Chris Davis, Commercial Director of Hubbard Ice Systems, the UK’s sole agents for Clenaware products comments; “Polycarbonate glasses may initially appear to be a throw-away commodity but in reality they are an expensive and ongoing cost for licensees, so any handling system that extends their lifecycle has got to add value to the bottom line. In fact, ensuring that your new Polycarbonate Glassware is treated correctly and washed with Clenaware Glass Renovator before its first use, will effectively extend its life even further, minimising scratches and a cloudy or dirty looking presentation.”

For further information Chris Davis, Commercial Director, Hubbard Ice Systems on 01473 890129

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