Give your flooring a sporting chance with PU Design


pu-design-pic-2Obviously the huge numbers visiting such venues is extremely welcome, but management have to ensure the facilities can cope with the effects. This wear-and-tear can lead to flooring looking shabby, neglected and in need of a real freshen up that a normal cleaning regime will struggle to achieve. Furthermore, the upheaval and cost of replacement is not an option for most clubs and venues during the current economic downturn.

Strike a chord

Dr Schutz, the German floorcare company recognised this and developed a solution that addresses many of these issues faced by sports stadia and arenas. Recently launched in the UK, PU Design is an original product that can be used to quickly and easily transform tired, damaged or old flooring and create a bespoke design using club colours and logos to create an environment that strikes a chord with fans, corporate customers and families alike.

Lothar Schutz, MD of Dr Schutz explains, “We developed PU design to offer a quick and easy way to renovate or redesign an existing floor. In a leisure industry environment, PU Design can be used to great effect as it is a simple job to incorporate club colours and crests into your flooring in a cost-effective way. It is quick to install which is important for venues that don’t want to have to close down for a week while the floor is worked on, and is suitable for use with vinyl flooring, and can be used on all resilient and industrial floors, including concrete and epoxy flooring.”

pu-design-pic-1Indeed, PU Design is extremely suitable for any existing resilient flooring system set in an area of high foot traffic – and there are millions of square feet of such systems the length and breadth of the country, from vinyl tiles, to linoleum and rubber flooring. And the simple installation process, when carried out by an accredited contractor, is considerably quicker than traditional alternative of ripping out the existing floor and laying a new one.

Simple, but effective

With PU Design it is possible to create a bespoke design that suits an individual leisure environment interior, taste or particular need. Applying PU Design is a simple three stage process. Firstly, the original floor is thoroughly cleaned and stripped to remove all the layers of dirt and old polish. Then, the new colour layer is applied in a process similar to simply ‘painting it on’. There are ten standard colours and 200 RAL available to special order – so a phenomenal range of design options is available. At this point colour chips, logos, signage or corporate branding can be inserted onto the floor if desired. Then lastly, one layer of PU 100 sealant is applied to give a hardwearing finish and protection to the new floor. Once in place, the floor is preserved through simple routine maintenance and with general cleaning and a coat of PU Sealer once every 2-3 years, the floor will remain looking new and well protected throughout its lifetime.

Sports clubs and arenas can also take advantage of the design flexibility that this system offers in its ability to embed club emblems, logos or messages into the new floor to create areas of interest – and finished with the appropriate PU Sealer, these designs will last extremely well.

Amazingly this floor transformation can be completed in less than two working days.  Contrast this with the 5-6 days of downtime that laying a new floor involves; the appeal of PU Design is obvious. In addition, this offers an eco friendly method for renovating a floor system as it avoids waste, pollution and noise.

PU Design is exclusive to Dr Schutz certified contractors and training courses are booking fast. For more information contact Dr Schutz on 01296 437827 or email

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