Sheffield united keep the drinks flowing with Cryoservice’s Gas Management System


2406343Behind the scenes there are a multitude of things to manage from ticket barriers to catering facilities, toilets and changing rooms to emergency first aid and security. One of the biggest headaches for big stadium management is ensuring refreshments are served smoothly and efficiently before or during half time of the big event.

There is no doubt that football stadiums in particular have some of the most complex food and beverage bar operations in existence. You only have to consider the vast sprawl of the ground area, the open structure (tens of thousands of public milling around) and the unbelievable peaks in trading, which take place when the team are playing.

Sheffield United FC’s Bramall Lane was one such stadium and to meet the needs of the site meant an unwieldy amount of drinks dispense gas cylinders on site requiring constant change on match days when demand was at a peak. A disproportionate amount of time was also being spent by staff on transporting cylinders around site to cope with demand not to mention the safety risks associated with cylinder handling. Such a large number of cylinders on site also created an asset management headache for site management.

Sound familiar? So when SUFC heard about the Gas Management System from CryoService, they quickly set about installing it, thereby removing these issues. A cylinder free, remote fill, tank solution, it transformed the bar operations at Bramall Lane, which immediately benefited from the time saving, safety first system.

The Accellarate system utilises a CO2 CarboStore tank and nitrogen generator, with no cylinders required, meaning an end to manual handling and asset management issues. CarboStore tanks which are supplied with a remote fill facility, located on the outside wall of the stadium, meaning deliveries can be made without even entering the stadium or the bar cellars.

bar-photo-1In the case of Bramall Lane, almost overnight three of CryoService’s Accellarate systems were installed. The first one supporting two major bars in the club’s St John Street stand whilst two more were installed in the Kop Corner stand supporting two further busy bars. In addition, the systems were installed with Intelligent Managed Gas, a unique concept pioneered by CryoService which enables the systems to be monitored and deliveries arranged according to the stadium’s consumption.
For Andy Draykin, manager of Bramall Lane’s 32,000 seater stadium, the CryoService system had a massive impact on bar operations. “We are delighted to have installed a system which meets the needs of our customers and provides best practice for our staff. No longer are they handling 100’s of cylinders causing potential damage to themselves or the stadium. We have reduced any financial exposure due to cylinder loss and the Intelligent Gas concept means we no longer have to pick up the telephone chasing a cylinder delivery.”

“We are exceptionally confident that we have installed best practice in our cellar and that we can cope with any demands that hosting a game at Bramall Lane could ask of our bars,” he continued.
As a supplier of specialist gases not only to leisure businesses, CryoService also provides world class gas supply solutions to science and industry too. Established in 1970, the Company has embraced innovation and new technology and quickly developed a reputation as the supplier of choice for critical applications, pioneering a unique delivery service and developing  innovative storage solutions than provide tangible benefits to its customers.

Sheffield United isn’t the only stadium to have recognised the benefits of the CryoService gas solutions. When The O2 Arena opened in July 2007 it instantly became one of the world’s most popular music venue’s, with leading bands taking to the stage and was regularly filling its 23,000 capacity. Like Sheffield United it looked to CryoService to deliver a bespoke drinks dispense and soft drinks gas system that was able to meet the massive peaks in trade.

Big venues like The O2 Arena know that putting the best bands on is only half the job in making a venue profitable. The food and drinks operation is critical in delivering a positive visitor experience as well as a financially successful venue. To meet the drink demand, The O2 Arena had already decided to install a fast pour system throughout the venues’ bars.

The ability to meet these requirements was fundamentally down to the unique approach taken by CryoService. Rather than attempting to install standard storage vessels, CryoService took a bottom up approach, reviewing the whole site layout and requirements and designing a customized system that would deliver against the needs of the O2 Arena. The result was an externally sited 3,000 litre storage vessel linked to a site specific pipework system capable of delivering drinks dispense and soft drinks to the entire O2 Arena site.

Lee Roberts, Commercial Director of The O2 Arena commented, “We were impressed with CryoService’s approach to our requirements and their willingness to develop and design a system that met the demands of our site. We now enjoy the benefits of a system that can cope with our peak demands whilst ensuring the safety of our visitors and staff”.

Aside from SUFC and The O2 Arena, CryoService has an impressive list of big name clients across its leisure division including McDonald’s Restaurants, Young’s pubs, Odeon Cinemas, Wembley Stadium and Bannatyne’s Health Clubs, for whom it provides a tailored swimming pool CO2 supply solution across its 60 UK locations. With each customer receiving a bespoke system tailored to the needs their venues and requirements, CryoService has built an enviable reputation for quality, product reliability and excellent service.

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